Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Tutorial: Converting a Death Korp Lasrifle

A Death Korp veteran with their trusty lasrifle.

After converting a better-scaled autorifle earlier this year, I decided to continue the series of true-scale 40k firearms with the humble lasrifle. While I have been meaning to convert a smaller lasrifle for some time, the recent release of the Death Korp of Krieg models for Kill Team gave me the perfect excuse. The official design of the new plastic Death Korp rifles are remarkably cumbersome.

Using a razor saw, cut off the upper section of the lasrifle and the barrel. Use the forward grip on the rifle as a guide for the cut. Since this is a pretty long cut, it can help to remove the razor saw from the handle to give you more room to cut.

Using a pinvise, drill a 0.8mm hole at the front of the lasrifle and a 0.5mm hole below it. The top hole is where the new barrel for the weapon will slide into, while the lower one is for a lower brace. I use tubing from Albion Alloys, which is sold in “slide fit" sets that have multiple diameters of tubing that slide into each other perfectly. To cut it, lightly score around the edge with a hobby knife. Sometimes putting a pin in the tubing while cutting it helps to reduce the chance of it getting crushed. The barrel’s heat shroud was made with a piece of brass tubing with an angle cut at the front with photo etch scissors.

Using a hobby knife, cut off the upper section of the lasrifle stock.

Using plasticard and greenstuff, add additional detailing like front and rear sights to the rifle. Since this is a laser rifle, many of the standard rifle details like charging handles and ejections ports are not needed.

Comparison of plastic lasrifles: Catachan; Cadian; Death Korp (top to bottom).

A Death Korp warrior with their lasrifle next to a Genestealer Cultist with an autorifle.

With a total of nine other Death Korp models left in the Kill Team, I am tempted to make a few more tutorials. This seems like a good opportunity to convert another human-scaled special weapon or another pistol. We will see what the future holds!

-Adam Wier


  1. Looks great! Fantastic recreation of the "shooty bits" at the end. (Lens shroud and cooling rod? who knows)

    I am surprised by the lasgun comparison picture, I would have guessed that the Krieg pattern lasgun was in fact smaller than the other two plastic options. I guess that is an artifact of placing it on a better figure.

    1. I was a little surprised how big the plastic Death Korp rifles actually were. I wish they had kept them closer to their resin counterparts.

  2. Great result and a vast improvement to the figure. I must admit that like lasgunpacker I am a bit surprised that the rifle is as big as it is.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the rest of the Krieg figures.

  3. What measurements of tubing did you use for the barrels?