Monday, August 30, 2021

28 Challenge: Iron Snake Female Space Marine painted

“If your life is given in service to the Emperor, your death shall not be in vain.”

Earlier this month I finished converting a female Space Marine from an old plastic Rogue Trader Space Marine. The model was created for 28’s most recent challenge, designed to explore what female Space Marines might look like. We at Between the Bolter and Me are of the mindset that female Space Marines would look largely identical to their male counterparts, as shown by the Dark Angel Space Marines we recently painted and the Rogue Trader conversion. Having finished the conversion, I needed to decide how to paint the model. Having painted an Iron Snake earlier last year, I decided she would look great in their livery!

To reference some of the older Space Marine artwork, I decided to paint her hands as if they were unarmored.

As a member of the Iron Snakes Space Marine chapter, I made sure to include both red and blue as accent colors for the silver armor. I also found room on her shoulder pauldron to paint a serpent.

As a callback to the characterful Rogue Trader paint schemes, I painted a symbol of a bloody axe on her shin armor.

I used an oil wash to add some variation in the silver armor and add some weathering.

The Rogue Trader themed Iron Snake next to a true-scale Space Marine converted from a Primaris Intercessor.

- Adam Wier


  1. Fantastic. Really captures the RT vibe, and still looks great and not out place next to the much newer model. A testament to your excellent painting and conversion work.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! The reposing on the Rogue Trader marine really went a long way towards making the model look less comical (and a smaller head). :)

  2. Looks great, and as you say, not much would differentiate males from females after all the changes wrought by becoming marines.

    Shoulder pad is very well done, and the colors and weathering give it a much more "real" feel than the usual space marines.

    1. Yeah, I think for the most part all of the marines would look pretty similar. This would be even more so with all of the heavy armor.

      I really enjoyed painting the shoulder guards, they really open up a lot possibilities for adding character to marines.