Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Painting begins - Bases

The painting has begun!

When spending so much effort converting models and making cool characters, it can be easy to forget about the bases for the models. Anyone who has been painting models for awhile knows that a nice base can really tie a model together and make it look complete. It is important to not get too carried away with a base, lest it distract from the model as a whole. With this in mind, to ensure that the bases were cohesive and tied all of the models together, I opted for a relatively simple stone-tile theme. To do this, I used a combination of GW scenic bases from the Eyes of the Nine warband and ones I sculpted by hand. To ease into the painting process for the Sisters of Sigmar warband, I decided to paint a few of the bases, and wanted to showcase them here!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Choir member

"In My Heart The Answer Is Yes, But I Said No."

After months of work, I was able to build 6 members for my Sisters of Sigmar warband, which is a small feat based on the speed at which I build and convert models. Despite this accomplishment, 6 members is pretty small when it comes to an effective warband in Mordheim. With the Mordheim 2019 event close at hand, I knew that I would not have much in the way of time to convert any more and still have time to paint them. “Maybe I could try to convert one more model, and do it quickly, as an entry into my Conversion Corner posts?” I thought. After seeing Alexander Winberg’s own sisters of Sigmar, with their sinister masks and overcoats, I thought that I could make a Sister heralding from his clan to assist my warband. Alexander’s warband are guards to the deepest dungeon of the Sisters of Sigmar’s Fortress-Monastery, the Rock.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Matriarch

Pimeys Yllä Jumalan Maan

With the Mordheim 2019 event less than two months away, I have been busy finishing the last members for my Sister of Sigmar warband. The last major character required is the warband’s leader, the Matriarch.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 58: Warhammer Fest 2019


We discuss the new products Games Workshop previewed at Warhammer Fest 2019, talking about the newest Warcry warband and the Chaos Knight. We also talk about how GW is increasingly partnering with other companies to expand their market, now bringing Bandai into the fold.