Thursday, July 27, 2023

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 103: Rich Grimmond 2023 and the Rot of Hondious

Rich Grimmond 2023

In this episode, we interviewed people at the Rich Grimmond 2023 Inq28 event in Richmond, Virginia. The first interview is with Mike (gundamofficialhobby) and Grant (underworldalliance) talking about their new game Caliban28. The second is with Martin ( and Isaac (weirdingsway), chatting about Inq28 events and the use of Forbidden Psalm for the Rot of Hondious event. The third is with Scott (scotomancer) talking about Heroquest and paint. The fourth is with Jonny (Witchhammerstudio) discussing his amazing “The Breath of Organthus” board. The final interview is with a bunch of the Hive Scum crew, chatting about how they got to the event and other aspects of the hobby.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Rich Grimmond 2023: a recap

Rich Grimmond 2023.

It is hard to believe that after a few months of planning and excitement, the hobby meet-up Rich Grimmond 2023 has come and gone. The event spanned a few days, and brought over 25 talented hobbyists to the main branch of the Richmond, Virginia Public library to play games, look at models, chat and just generally have a good time. The get-together was planned and hosted by Martin McCoy and Mike DeBolt. A major focus of the event was a narrative Inq28 campaign called The Rot of Hondious, that Martin and Bill Ford co-ran (of the Mordheim 2022 fame). Words cannot adequately convey how amazing the event was, filled with jaw-dropping models and terrain, and some of the nicest people in this miniature hobby. It was great to meet old friends and create new ones, all the while sharing our love of the miniature wargaming hobby. Below are a series of photos that we hope capture a fraction of the excitement of Rich Grimmond 2023!

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The Rot of Hondious: Lucretia Barghest

Pandemic Containment Collapse.

Lucretia Barghest used to curse getting stuck on the backwater of Hondious. Her glorious pilgrimage to Terra to bask in His radiance stymied by warp storms and the ill-fated rogue trader Mathias Torvald, or was it Sorvald? It didn’t matter. Her convictions were changing. No, not changing. Evolving. Transforming into something that could better celebrate His majesty. Something that could truly stand tall, projecting His magnanimous spirit. And those convictions were not based around walls. Not built around architecture, minarets, nor spires. Everything was so much simpler now, the scriptures of the Arxvs Dedicatvm finally clicked into place. It was not mortar, brick, or ferrocrete that formed the building blocks of the Imperial Faith. It was Flesh. She could hear them calling clearly now. She could hear them discussing it everywhere. Finally, there were no secrets. And what a joyous revelation it all was. Knitting everything together. Or rather everyone together.

Friday, July 14, 2023

The Rot of Hondious: Spyrehead conversion

When all antibiotics become useless.

Later this month, Martin McCoy and Bill Ford are running a narrative Inq28 event called The Rot of Hondious. It centers around a backwater feudal planet largely shunned from the Imperium. Its isolation has escalated into a strict quarantine in the last twenty years as the planet has been wracked by a curious plague. The Red Joy seemingly takes hold of its victims central nervous system, compelling them to dance with joyous abandon, a rictus smile on their face until they collapse dehydrated, blood leaching from their pores. The Inquisition has recently taken an interest in the phenomenon, and the plague has started to become sentient having infected the planet's meager psykic population. We thought it would be fun to create a small Red Joy warband centered around a wayward pilgrim that got stranded on the planet and got infected by the plague. We always wanted to convert a Spyrehead based on Stygian_thorne's concept, and decided this was a great time for it!

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 102: Chatting with sculpting extraordinaire and Space Wolf fanatic Valbjorn

In this episode we are joined by Valbjorn, someone who got a name for themselves by creating incredible Space Wolf Space Marines that are more believable in scale. We chat about how he got involved in the hobby and what led him to start sculpting. We also talk about his love of different sculpting putties and the importance of engaging with the hobby community!