Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The Rot of Hondious: Lucretia Barghest

Pandemic Containment Collapse.

Lucretia Barghest used to curse getting stuck on the backwater of Hondious. Her glorious pilgrimage to Terra to bask in His radiance stymied by warp storms and the ill-fated rogue trader Mathias Torvald, or was it Sorvald? It didn’t matter. Her convictions were changing. No, not changing. Evolving. Transforming into something that could better celebrate His majesty. Something that could truly stand tall, projecting His magnanimous spirit. And those convictions were not based around walls. Not built around architecture, minarets, nor spires. Everything was so much simpler now, the scriptures of the Arxvs Dedicatvm finally clicked into place. It was not mortar, brick, or ferrocrete that formed the building blocks of the Imperial Faith. It was Flesh. She could hear them calling clearly now. She could hear them discussing it everywhere. Finally, there were no secrets. And what a joyous revelation it all was. Knitting everything together. Or rather everyone together.

I tried to make the light emanating from her helm an eerie phosphorescent red. Who knows where the light originates?

Earlier this month we converted a Spyrehead for a narrative gaming event called The Rot of Hondious. It is being held later this week at a hobby meetup in Richmond, Virginia called the Rich Grimmond 2023, hosted by Martin McCoy and Mike DeBolt. We thought it would be interesting to create a wayward Spyrehead that got stranded on Hondious during her pilgrimage to Terra. While there, her latent psychic ability emerged alongside the Red Joy, as she heard its low subconscious psychic murmuring, and became “enlightened.”

The heart was painted with a series of reds, pinks, and purples with a final coat of Tamiya clear red X-27.

I painted her robes using a number of brown grey paints from a Scale75 Black and White paint set.

The pages of her ancient tome have been stained with blood.

Her book has some spots of blood that were painted using Tamiya X-27 clear red.

- Adam Wier

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