Thursday, January 31, 2013

Starting a Dark Eldar army

Kruellagh the Vile - Des Hanley

Ever since their introduction in the 3rd Edition of Warhammer 40,000, the Dark Eldar have always peaked my interest. Portrayed as deeply depraved and sadistic raiders, traveling the void praying upon the unwary, the Dark Eldar have always been a force that demanded attention. Some of the original imagery done by Des Hanley and Wayne England is superb and still sticks with me today. The image of Kruellagh the Vile slaughtering that Imperial guardsman with her Soul Flayer is particularly memorable. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dark Angels Codex Review

Asomodai  is back!  But not like this :(
The Dark Angels have had many codex books over the years, each with its own unique strengths.  The excellent Angels of Death Codex (2nd edition), a double codex featuring both the Dark Angels and the Blood Angels, laid out most of the first Legion’s grim history and its quest for redemption.  All of the characters we know and love (and a few that are no longer around anymore. Here’s looking at you Brother Bethor, the bearer of the Sacred Standards...) were first introduced here.  The 3rd edition codex was just a small supplement to the Space Marine book, but had arguably the best cover of all the books (an awesome piece by David Gallagher originally seen in the Storm of Vengeance campaign for re-enacting the Ork invasion of Piscina IV), and included rules for the deceased Scout Sergeant Naaman (sadly, he has not made an appearance in any of the books since).  The 4th edition codex was the first time the Dark Angels got a book to themselves, and while the rules were a bit of a letdown due to their simplicity, the artwork within was some of the best to ever grace a Games Workshop book (aside from the lackluster cover, again by Gallagher, seemingly re-envisioning the previous cover).  This brings me to the primary purpose of this post, to talk about my thoughts of the new (6th edition) Dark Angels codex.  While I will say a few things pertaining to the rules, that will not be my focus, as you can find such thoughts all over the web. Rather, I will give my impressions of the thematic elements of the book.

From 2nd Edition up to 4th, the Dark Angel's codex books over the years.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Deep Wars! - A first look at some of the miniatures

It is an exciting time for miniature gaming enthusiasts, with the shift towards crowd funded miniature lines and games, we are seeing a surge of interesting new projects that would not have been possible otherwise. I have been on top of many of the different initiatives on Kickstarter, including Sedition Wars, Kingdom Death, and Imbrian Arts Miniatures (many of which I hope to post about in the future). However, there is one I managed to miss out on, one that I am still kicking myself for: Deep Wars!
Still my favorite Deep Wars model, and what got me interested in the game to begin with! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Midgard Delvers!

With the release of Dreadball, I could not help but be excited.  It has been many years since my Norse Blood Bowl team (the Esoteric Order of Dagon) hit the field, but I have not forgotten the joy in pushing a team around, and watching the dice betray me in humorous ways.  With a streamlined and simple-to-pick-up set of rules and a line of relatively nice looking plastic teams (if only GW had made more plastic teams…), there seemed to be little to lose.
The only painted member of the team...