Monday, November 28, 2022

Mordheim 2022: Undead games 1-3

The Undead warband for Mordheim 2022.

Once I heard the words “Meat Grinder” spoken aloud in a tavern. Did I see who said these words? No. It could have been anyone in that squalid domicile. I knew they spoke of a vampire. Certainly. A no life king that could not be seen via conventional means, the corrupting touch of wyrdstone stealing ever more of what tied it to the realms of mankind. Murmurs told of Reiklanders twisted until deformation, rupturing into bloody pieces. Bands of mercenaries flayed into grisly smears. By 2020 IC, talk of the “Meat Grinder” faded to obscurity, save rumors that even the ratmen of Eshin chittered of a faceless stygian terror in cursed tunnels. And now in the calendar year 2022, the ratmen are gone. I hear people whispering of it everywhere. Perhaps everyone touched by that place has known all along. I am called back to the City of the Damned. I am called to Mordheim.
                                                                                                        - Naewen, savant of Thrax

Monday, November 21, 2022

Mordheim 2022: a recap

One of Jimmy Henriksson’s cultist brethren gazing over the squalor of the City of the Damned.

After all of the anticipation, planning, converting, and painting, Mordheim 2022 has come and gone, and it was glorious! Hobbyists from all over converged in Houston, Texas to celebrate the skirmish wargame Mordheim. The level of talent and passion involved was staggering, mirroring Mordheim 2019, which celebrated the game’s 20th anniversary. Mordheim 2022 was too large to be adequately covered in a single post, as it spanned three days, and was accompanied with too many excellent people, so we plan to separate our coverage of Mordheim 2022 into multiple posts, including covering many of the games we played, the terrain we played on, and hopefully a podcast or two! This initial post is going to be a short one, including a few photos in an attempt to capture some of the magic of the long weekend. We also wanted to express our thanks to everyone involved in the event, especially Bill Ford (@the_ruin.501) for making it all happen and thinking of us when considering who to invite. Words cannot adequately convey how fantastic the event was, filled with inspiring models and towering terrain, and some of the best people in the miniature hobby. It was wonderful to meet old friends and create new ones, bonding over a shared love of Mordheim. And while the event may be over, our excitement for the game, hobby, and continuing to connect with the hobby community could not be stronger!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Mordheim 2022 Invitational: Zombie painted

A zombie alongside some unfortunates from the City of the Damned.

Just in time for Mordheim 2022, which is only days away, I painted the zombie that was converted earlier in the year. The zombie will supplement the Undead warband I created for the Mordheim 2019 event. I will make sure to let you know how the zombie does at the event!

Monday, November 14, 2022

Mordheim 2022: Elf Ranger

An elf ranger next to Mad Meg!

Continuing on the theme of Mordheim, since the Mordheim 2022 event in Houston, Texas is less than a week away, I wanted to showcase an old model I found when looking through the models I painted before starting Between the Bolter and Me. Specifically, I am referring to one of the Hired Sword models Games Workshop released alongside the other Mordheim warbands, the elf ranger. Although I was not playing Mordheim at the time, I painted the model some 15 years ago simply because I liked the model. Upon reflection, the model is a little wonky, with an odd pose and proportions, but I still generally like the model, and even think the paint job holds up. If I were to redo the model, I would give the elf a smaller sword, more befitting his lithe frame.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Mordheim 2022 Invitational: Mad Meg

Mad Meg with two Sisters of Sigmar by her side.

Mordheim 2022 is less than a week away, and I am happy to say I finished painting another model to supplement my Sisters of Sigmar warband from Mordheim 2019. She is a converted version of the Mad Meg promotional model sculpted by Michael Anderson for the Mordheim 2019 event. I have had the model unpainted for quite some time, and am happy to say she finally has paint on her, and she can join the other veteran Sisters of Sigmar!