Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Conversion Corner: Mad Meg

Concerned only with endings, a life desires closure.

For the next installment of Conversion Corner, I focused my attention on creating another character for my Sister of Sigmar warband. Even though the Mordheim 2019 event has passed, I still have lots of ideas for other sisters to add to the warband.

Dull Gret - Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1562)

I based the conversion on the Mordheim 2019 event model, Mad Meg. The model was sculpted by Mike Anderson and was inspired by a painting by the Flemish renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel, depicting Mad Meg leading a group of women storming the gates of Hell. While the original model is great by itself, I wanted to modify it a little to fit with my Sisters of Sigmar warband. For the other models I made for the warband, I put particular effort into sculpting facial details to make them look older than their base models. I did not have to do any of this with Mad Meg, as she was sculpted as an elderly woman (the likes of which we do not see too often in Warhammer). I did decide to sculpt an eye patch on her to further emphasize the hard life she undoubtedly has lived in Mordheim.

The original Mad Meg for Mordheim 2019, sculpted by Mike Anderson.

I wanted to keep the model as close to the original version, just making some small changes, like giving her a shield and replacing her sword with a hammer.

Beyond Meg’s physical appearance, I replaced her sword with a Sigmarite warhammer constructed of brass tubing and reshaped plastic. The fish she was holding was removed and replaced with a small shield. Finally, I repaired some of the tears in the bags she is carrying and added some straps and buckles to her backpack.

I modified some of her bags, adding small clasps and some icons of Sigmar.

The original version of Mad Meg next to the one I converted into a Sister of Sigmar!

I am really happy with how my version of Meg turned out! I feel honored to have received one, and have the opportunity to make it my own. With Mordheim 2019 having passed, this will likely be the last Sister I convert for my warband in the near future. I do plan to paint her soon, as well as do some finishing touches on the other members of the warband, so I hope you look forward to seeing that shortly!

- Adam Wier


  1. Nice work making Meg your own. Fixing the bags changes the character a bit.

    I do feel though, that the hammer head is a bit too small. The head size seems more like a tool than a weapon, which would be fine except that she clearly has a martial shield, rather than an improvised one.

    1. Thanks for the comment and suggestion. Her current hammer does look a little like a woodworking tool. I may sharpen the rear of the hammer a little to make it more weapon-like. I tried to base the hammer design off of medieval warhammers. While they differ a lot in size, on many of the ones I saw the hammer head was not much larger than the handle of the hammer.

  2. Replies
    1. The original is a great model. Very characterful.

  3. Absolutely love your conversion work, I think she'll fit in wonderfully with the rest of the sisters.

    I have to agree on the hammer head though. all the ones I've seen up close at the royal armouries although smaller than the exaggerated fantasy versions of Warhammer, still trend to bigger/heavier than the tool equivalent.

    But that's a minor niggle, other than that I think you've really done the original piece justice while still giving it your own mark.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I will think a little more on the hammer. I do think i should at least modify it to look less like a woodworking tool.