Sunday, August 25, 2013

INQ28 - Guardsman Vell

Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast!
My next INQ28 post arrives with the completion of my first INQ28 model! I am still working on the background for the guardsman, but have finally settled on the name Arkan Vell. He is going to be part of an Inquisitor’s retinue, but my ideas for that are still pretty preliminary.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Deep Wars: Dire Fish-Lizard Review

Up from the depths! Thirty stories high...
I was drawn into Deep Wars primarily due to the setting.  I can’t think of too many things more exciting than fighting scaly fish monsters in the cold depths of ancient oceans. Since assembling my initial starter box of Ancients, however, I have not really been inspired to purchase any of the new models.  And this is not due to lack of new models, as they have maintained an impressive release schedule, sculpting and selling most of the models in each range.  Unfortunately, I feel most of the models are not as strong as the initial set of miniatures for each faction.  Many of them are Bob Olley sculpts, which tend to be mediocre at best.  Some of this can be attributed to questionable concept art, which looks to have been followed to the letter in every case (character’s weapons being particularly outlandish and undetailed).

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Space Marines advance into 6th edition

It looks like the Space Marines are getting a host of single-pose plastic characters.  The Librarian looks particularly impressive with a face that looks quite unique compared to the standard yelling ones.  And is that a reasonably sized combibolter? 
Space Marines are Warhammer 40,000.  They have defined all of the editions of the game, forming the basic statline that every unit is measured from.  Their bulky power armour and cumbersome boltguns form the keystone that holds the universe together.  They have the most models and most different armies (based on different chapters), and they sell more than any of Games Workshop’s other products.  Due to this, it is surprising that they waited over a year to release an updated codex to bring the Space Marines into the 6th edition of 40k.  But the wait is finally almost over, as they are the newest army to get an update.  It goes without saying that the models accompanying these new rules have been eagerly anticipated.  Pictures of many of these model have just leaked; let’s take a look at them and compare them to other models in the range.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Da Grey Knightz - First Purifier finished

Ere we go!
After a hiatus of nearly two years, I have finally completed the first Grey Knight ork Purifier! Having largely completed the torso of the ork previously, the final element to tackle was the ork’s arms. My uncertainty of what to do with the ork’s arms was largely what kept me from finishing the conversion. If anyone has assembled Black Orcs in the past, you will know that they are heavily restricted in their arm positioning. They are limited to two basic poses, one taking a two-handed grip on a great weapon and the other brandishing two single-handed weapons. In both cases at least one of the ork’s arms is held aloft in the air. Furthermore, half of each arm is molded onto the body of the ork, making repositioning all but impossible without significant greenstuff work. What could the ork hold up in the air without look awkward and forced? That was the problem...