Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sisters of Battle squad painted

Darkness shields not sin nor schism. By our fires your will be done.

Although Adam just finished converting a Sister of Battle to have a better-sized bolter, I have spent the last month or two painting a small squad of Sisters of Battle that I started back in March. The effort was focused on trying to mix Contrast paints with traditional acrylics, achieving a nice table-top standard, without laboring over any model too much. All of the models followed the red scheme I developed with the first model. After finishing the final member, wielding an over-sized flamethrower, I decided to go one step further and also paint an Arco-flagellant. Painting the model went really quickly, almost like a single-piece metal model, as it is not inundated with details or and doesn’t have weapons to paint behind. It was fun using various Citadel shades to add variation to the model’s skin tones, like using Carroburg Crimson to make the flesh around his amputations look inflamed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tutorial: Converting a Sister of Battle Bolter

How to convert this bolter!

I recently converted a plastic Sister of Battle, with the main focus on creating a more reasonably scaled bolter. To help others do a similar conversion, I wanted to create a tutorial showing how I converted the bolter! While the conversion is relatively straight-foward, it is fairly extensive. Not all of the steps are absolutely necessary, however, so feel free to modify any of these steps as you see fit to create better looking bolters!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Conversion Corner: Sister of Battle


When Games Workshop finally redesigned the Sisters of Battle range of models in plastic, we were generally impressed with their ability to update the classic look while adding some variety to the models, in terms of corsets and different head options. Most of these options were not present in the initial Sister of Battle army boxed set, which we were fortunate enough to get a copy of. Eric has already painted a few of the models directly from the set, and after recently converting a Primaris Space Marine into a regular, true-scale Space Marine, it seemed a good time to convert one of the Sisters of Battle models to better fit our aesthetic of scale.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 73: Black Lives Matter and building a more inclusive hobby community

We talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and how it relates to the miniature wargaming community.

In light of the killing of George Floyd, we talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and how people can support it. We also talk about how it relates to our hobby community and how we can all work towards making the community a more welcoming and inclusive place for all.