Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tutorial: Converting a Sister of Battle Bolter

How to convert this bolter!

I recently converted a plastic Sister of Battle, with the main focus on creating a more reasonably scaled bolter. To help others do a similar conversion, I wanted to create a tutorial showing how I converted the bolter! While the conversion is relatively straight-foward, it is fairly extensive. Not all of the steps are absolutely necessary, however, so feel free to modify any of these steps as you see fit to create better looking bolters!

Using a razor saw, cut off the upper section of the bolter. Use the outer casing at the rear end of the bolter as a guide to start the cut.

Using a pinvise, drill a 0.8mm hole at the front of the bolter. This hole is where the new barrel for the weapon will slide into.

Using a hobby-knife, cut off a section of 0.8mm brass tubing to serve as a new barrel for the bolter. An additional piece of 0.6mm brass tubing can be cut and slide into the 0.8mm tube to add additional detailing. To safely cut brass tubing without crushing it, simply apply the blade of a hobby knife to the tube and slowly roll the tube while applying pressure with the knife. This will allow you to get a controlled cut around the entire circumference of the tube.

Using a nippers, remove the magazine from the bolter. A hobby knife can be used to clean up any extra plastic from the magazine of the bolter’s receiver.

Using a razor saw or hobby knife, remove the outer casing of the bolter above the Sister of Battle’s wrist.

Using a hobby knife, remove the stock from a Delaque rifle. Trim off the bottom portion of the stock.

Using a hobby knife, carve away a portion of the Sister of Battle’s glove such that stock in step 6 can fit neatly in place at the back of the bolter.

Apply thin strips of plasticard to the top of the bolter for extra detailing. A small amount of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement works well for gluing them in place.

Using modeling putty, resculpt any detailing on the gloves destroyed making room for the stock. Using a pinvise, drill a series of holes in the receiver of the weapon, above the magazine well, to serve as an ejection port. A hobby knife can be used to neaten up the port. A small amount of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement can be applied to the inside of the ejection port to smooth out the surface.

Add any additional details to the weapon as desired. Here I have resculpted the trigger finger of the Sister of Battle and sculpted a charging handle to the side of the bolter’s receiver. I also added a rear sight on the bolter using a small piece of plastic with a slot cut in its center.

From top to bottom: Primaris bolt rifle, Space Marine bolter, converted Sister of Battle bolter.

I hope you were able to follow this tutorial and that it was helpful! With a little luck, this will be the first in a series of articles about converting other better scaled firearms for Warhammer 40k. Please feel free to ask any questions about the process or give any suggestions!

- Adam Wier

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