Thursday, June 30, 2022

WilhelMiniatures: Forest Dweller

The Forest Dweller next to the ancient Slambo.

Helge Wilhelm Dahl, of WilheMiniatures, is hard at work on a board game called Boneforest with Nitri Michele, published by Hollow Press later this year. Excited about the prospect of playing a game in a world filled with Helge’s creepy creations, I found a Forest Dweller model I got from his Etsy store a while back, when I was painting some of his bone tree models. This unsettling fellow deserves to be painted, I thought!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Horus Heresy: Deimos Pattern Rhino review

The plastic Deimos Pattern Rhino next to a Primaris-sized Dark Angel.

The second edition of the Horus Heresy was just released, and with it is the promise of GW releasing plastic versions of many of the Forge World Space Marine vehicles, removing many of the assembly woes of their resin counterparts. The first of these releases, alongside the boxed game, was the Deimos pattern Rhino. I always liked the Deimos design, due to its similarities to the original plastic rhino kit, but never bought one because it was a resin hybrid kit, building on top of an already dated plastic rhino (released in 2002). With this new plastic version of the Deimos, I jumped at the opportunity to get one, and in turn see if they were able to improve the basic plastic rhino from 2002!

Sunday, June 12, 2022

A Study in Scale: Deathwatch Artemis

The 54mm scale Deathwatch Space Marine towers over all of the other Space Marines models I currently own.

Earlier this year, we converted and painted a Dark Angel in the style of Lunax7070, based on parts Lunax7070 cast in resin for us. If you are familiar with his work, you would correctly predict that the Dark Angel we created was massive. We got a few comments on social media suggesting that the model was so large that they were likely similar in size to the famed Deathwatch Space Marine Artemis, released in 2001 for Games Workshop’s short-lived 54mm RPG. This got us to wonder, how do they compare to each other? Fortunately, I had an unassembled copy of the model that was gifted to me years back. It stayed unassembled due to the time-consuming frustration of metal models. This seemed like the ideal time to get the model out and assemble it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

32, Episode 4: Drachenfels

The start of Warhammer Horror.

For the fourth episode of 32, Eric Wier and Alexander Winberg talk about the 1989 horror classic Drachenfels by Kim Newman, of the Anno Dracula fame. We chat about the novel’s interesting place in the Old World, and how things have both stayed the same and also changed in the Warhammer world since it was first written. We also talk about its unusual characters and interesting plot structure: a jailed playwright and vampire from Bretonnia creating a dramatization of the defeat of the dreaded Drachenfels.