Thursday, June 30, 2022

WilhelMiniatures: Forest Dweller

The Forest Dweller next to the ancient Slambo.

Helge Wilhelm Dahl, of WilheMiniatures, is hard at work on a board game called Boneforest with Nitri Michele, published by Hollow Press later this year. Excited about the prospect of playing a game in a world filled with Helge’s creepy creations, I found a Forest Dweller model I got from his Etsy store a while back, when I was painting some of his bone tree models. This unsettling fellow deserves to be painted, I thought!

To paint the model, I experimented with zenithally priming the model and then giving the model a liberal coat of GW Darkoath Flesh contrast paint. Some purples were glazed into the areas of heavy shadow to help add depth.

A small amount of blood was added to the model’s mouth and on the base, using Tamyia X-27 clear red.

- Eric Wier

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