Monday, March 13, 2023

A look back: Notable Hobbyists of 2022

Normally in January of each year we write a post about some of our favorite hobbyists who inspired us during the previous year. Time got away from us this year and it is already March! Despite this, we are happy to say the post is finally here! Like every year, there were countless hobbyists producing remarkable work, which made it difficult to acknowledge everyone we wanted to. Additionally, we purposely did not choose hobbyists that we featured in previous years, although many of them are still creating incredible work, so we would encourage people to look back on our selections from previous years!

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Zone Secundus: Ratling Sniper

So now I know where snipers come from.

The Church of the Red Athenæum has always had a favorable view towards mutants in their congregation, recognizing their devotion, even though they are often persecuted throughout most of the Imperium. Unfortunately, we have not converted too many models to represent this, with only one in the original Pilgrym warband, and one from the newer one. When looking through some of our old model cases I found a trio of Rogue Trader era Ratling Snipers, the first GW miniatures we ever purchased. It seemed fitting to convert one a little and repaint it as a new member for the Red Church, their diminutive stature being welcomed with open arms.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Dragged into Turbolasers: New England Mordheim Open 2023

In this bonus episode, we were at the New England Mordheim Open 2023 event and got the opportunity to chat with some of the people who made it out to play in the event, along with some of the hosts, the Hive Scum/Under the Dice crew. The episode begins with the three of us talking briefly about what we are expecting the evening before the event, followed by the various interviews during the event.

New England Mordheim Open 2023: a recap

Back Into the City of the Damned.

Hot on the heels of Mordheim 2022, we drove up to Chicopee, MA to play in the New England Mordheim Open, held by Under the Dice/Hive Scum group. It was an amazing event with well over 40 people coming together to celebrate the hobby and play Mordheim, a game not supported by Games Workshop for over 20 years. The event took place in a single day, with each player participating in four games. In addition to playing Mordheim, we also brought some of our recording equipment along and were able to interview some of the people at the event and those running it. It is hard to express how fun the event was, meeting so many cool people and playing some fun games on a huge number of amazing boards. Although it cannot come close to conveying the magnitude of the event, below are some of the photos we took during the day. We hope you enjoy them and cannot wait to participate in the next NEMO event!