Monday, November 21, 2022

Mordheim 2022: a recap

One of Jimmy Henriksson’s cultist brethren gazing over the squalor of the City of the Damned.

After all of the anticipation, planning, converting, and painting, Mordheim 2022 has come and gone, and it was glorious! Hobbyists from all over converged in Houston, Texas to celebrate the skirmish wargame Mordheim. The level of talent and passion involved was staggering, mirroring Mordheim 2019, which celebrated the game’s 20th anniversary. Mordheim 2022 was too large to be adequately covered in a single post, as it spanned three days, and was accompanied with too many excellent people, so we plan to separate our coverage of Mordheim 2022 into multiple posts, including covering many of the games we played, the terrain we played on, and hopefully a podcast or two! This initial post is going to be a short one, including a few photos in an attempt to capture some of the magic of the long weekend. We also wanted to express our thanks to everyone involved in the event, especially Bill Ford (@the_ruin.501) for making it all happen and thinking of us when considering who to invite. Words cannot adequately convey how fantastic the event was, filled with inspiring models and towering terrain, and some of the best people in the miniature hobby. It was wonderful to meet old friends and create new ones, bonding over a shared love of Mordheim. And while the event may be over, our excitement for the game, hobby, and continuing to connect with the hobby community could not be stronger!

Shipping box upon shipping box enclosing a gaming board that av.hobbies commissioned msterrainlab to build!

Eric (erics_hobby_workshop) and Greg hard at work unpacking the board shipped from New York.

Alex (av.hobbies) overseeing the assembly of the massive cityscape created by msterrainlab.

At long last, the board is unpacked and ready, filled with ruined buildings and a soaring tower.

In addition to crumbling buildings, there were also a series of stone walkways.

Mordheim would not be complete without some blasted trees and rickety ladders.

Another shot of the msterrainlab board.

Despite more than twenty years passing, the city of Mordheim still has shards of wyrdstone warping its very landscape.

Matriarch Josephine Muhenje leads her Convent into the ruined streets of Mordheim.

Adam’s Sisters of Sigmar squared off against Moshartz Miniatures Bögenhafen warband.

A selection of models from Greg’s Witch Hunter warband (created by Ana Polanšćak). Twenty-two years within Mordheim has caused them to descend into madness.

Tarot cards (Ian Miller’s Grim Tarock) were drawn to pair off people to play their first games.

Brad (truxtorm) and Eric consider how to best lead their warbands to victory, or at least minimize their losses.

Moshartz Miniatures and av.hobbies playing their first game of Mordheim 2022.

A bloody and misshapen vampire (converted and painted by redwetskeleton) overpowers a score of veteran Sisters of Sigmar.

The lure of Chaos is strong, as many cults of the possessed stalk the streets of the City of the Damned.

Bill and Eric consider how they might use the dilapidated ruins of Mordheim to give their archers an advantage in the coming skirmish.

Tom (tom_paint_n_build) slowly advances his Carnival of Chaos, hesitant as a cavalcade of spectors and anomalies glide forwards.

The Bastard of Bremmenhof, surrounded by the unfortunates he coaxed to come with him into Mordheim.

Sister Constance Oni readies her double-handed warhammer to strike down Ostermark deserters near the waters of Sigmar Haven.

A monstrous possessed cavorts through the streets of Mordheim.

Greg carefully moves his warband through the collapsed buildings of the City of the Damned.

Eric, Alex, and Adam do their best to spill as much blood and banish as many spirits as possible on the docks of Mordheim.

Skeletal wraiths haunt the baleful streets of Mordheim.

The ruins of a once prosperous city rise up, threatening to consume those who enter into its forbidden domains.

Greg and Alex discover the sewers beneath Mordheim are even less hospitable than the streets above.

Some shadowed Witch Hunters have continued to stalk through Mordheim since 2019.

Chris (chrisbryangames) created a wonderful board filled with 3D printed buildings, which was signed by everyone in attendance.

The entire group at Mordheim!

- Eric Wier


  1. This looked like a ton of fun, thanks for sharing the pictures! I've always wanted to play Mordheim... if you guys ever do demo games in Maryland let me know (I'm near Frederick but willing to drive for some games). Cheers!

    1. It is really worth playing. The campaign elements really elevate the game.

  2. Thank you! It really was a great time! Not sure how long it will take to get the game recaps up, but hopefully it will be soon!

  3. Steve Under The DiceNovember 22, 2022 at 7:30 AM

    Absolutely amazing. The terrain, warbands, and love of the game is incredible to see. Awesome job documenting. Can't wait to hear more about the event!

    1. It was really a sight to behold. We still have a few post coming to document more aspects of it!

  4. One of the best weekends of my life. Thank you for capturing its majesty, and recording it so well with your excellent photography!
    I eagerly look forward to seeing the rest of the posts!

  5. That's awesome, thank you for the story and pictures. Looking forward to reading the rest!

    1. Thanks for reading it! And thank you for the excellent models you created that allowed Greg to participate!