Monday, November 14, 2022

Mordheim 2022: Elf Ranger

An elf ranger next to Mad Meg!

Continuing on the theme of Mordheim, since the Mordheim 2022 event in Houston, Texas is less than a week away, I wanted to showcase an old model I found when looking through the models I painted before starting Between the Bolter and Me. Specifically, I am referring to one of the Hired Sword models Games Workshop released alongside the other Mordheim warbands, the elf ranger. Although I was not playing Mordheim at the time, I painted the model some 15 years ago simply because I liked the model. Upon reflection, the model is a little wonky, with an odd pose and proportions, but I still generally like the model, and even think the paint job holds up. If I were to redo the model, I would give the elf a smaller sword, more befitting his lithe frame.

The elf ranger is quite a characterful model, with a little harp tucked beneath their cloak.

You can tell this is an older model I painted simply by virtue of it being on a square base. At the time I was still concerned with following basing guidelines, something that I have grown away from, due to my preference for circular bases.

The elf ranger is quite a small model, smaller than modern plastic models.

- Adam Wier


  1. Wonderful model and yes the paintjob still holds up!

    1. I was surprised how nice the model still looks. They would look great on the tabletop!