Monday, November 28, 2022

Mordheim 2022: Undead games 1-3

The Undead warband for Mordheim 2022.

Once I heard the words “Meat Grinder” spoken aloud in a tavern. Did I see who said these words? No. It could have been anyone in that squalid domicile. I knew they spoke of a vampire. Certainly. A no life king that could not be seen via conventional means, the corrupting touch of wyrdstone stealing ever more of what tied it to the realms of mankind. Murmurs told of Reiklanders twisted until deformation, rupturing into bloody pieces. Bands of mercenaries flayed into grisly smears. By 2020 IC, talk of the “Meat Grinder” faded to obscurity, save rumors that even the ratmen of Eshin chittered of a faceless stygian terror in cursed tunnels. And now in the calendar year 2022, the ratmen are gone. I hear people whispering of it everywhere. Perhaps everyone touched by that place has known all along. I am called back to the City of the Damned. I am called to Mordheim.
                                                                                                        - Naewen, savant of Thrax

My brothers and I played a multitude of games during the Mordheim 2022 event, all of them fun and quite different. With this post, I wanted to describe the three of the four games played with my undead warband!

Game 1 - Eric's Undead vs Tom's Carnival of Chaos (thanks Tom for sharing some of your photos!):

My first game was played in a ruined district of Mordheim against Tom Siegberg’s (tom_paint_n_build) carnival of Chaos possessed warband!

A spectral assortment of oddities and coalesced malevolence find themselves shifting through the decay of Mordheim.

Meanwhile, Master Vibrio leads his Carnival of Chaos through the same ruins, in search of wyrdstone, not realizing the danger that has manifested itself in their vicinity.

Fueled by madness, greed, and the insidious nature of the realms of Chaos, the Circus Veitstanz push forward, beginning to sense the malignant energy surrounding the place.

Flickering, spectral phantoms appear, seemingly out of nowhere, silently descending on the traveling cult. The favor of the fickle Chaos gods does not desert the jovial worshipers, and diminutive Bubo banishing one of the anomalies with the spiky brambles that recently burst from his flesh!

A mass of disembodied limbs, half visible encrusted in congealed blood, seems to materialize atop a crumbling ruin.

Without a sound, the shambling, shifting mass of talons is upon Yersin Ian. And in an instant, they are torn apart. A spray of hot blood revealing the approximation of a swollen fanged face.

Perhaps glutted from the flayed ruin of Yersin, the vampire flops to the ground, ignoring the remaining cultists, as the rest of the spectral undead disappear into the shadowed streets.

Undead Loss

Game 2 - Eric's Undead vs Bill's Ostermark warband:

A misshapen necromancer, a blessed Chyld of the Lamprey, follows in the wake of the blasted anomalies in search of sentient beings to absorb.

A wandering party from Ostermark realizes without warning that they are about to be overtaken with unknowable nightmare entities.

The cluster of Ostermark warriors were left dismembered and bleeding out on the cobblestones as the undead continue to sweep through the city.

Undead victory

Game 3 - Eric's Undead and Greg's feral Witch Hunters vs Adam and Alex's Sisters of Sigmar warbands:

Matriarch Josephine Muhenje meets another Sisters of Sigmar warband arriving in Mordheim by ship.

The newly arrived Sisters disembark onto the stone pier as a baleful wind starts to blow.

Screeching in silence, a cavalcade of hooded specters crash into the steadfast devotees of Sigmar, having just wrung the life out of a hired ogre.

In an unlikely alliance, a group of blood thirsty and deranged Witch Hunters follow the undead into the midst of the Sisters of Sigmar ranks. In a flurry of invisible talons, the vampire brings a pair of sisters to the ground bleeding.

The streets resound with chants to Sigmar and wounds magically reknit, allowing the remaining warriors to retreat, sisters in arms, to the docks and regroup, prepared to bring Sigmar's wrath to the corruption still rampant in Mordheim.

Undead victory

Since this post is getting long, I will save my fourth and final game for another post. Although this recap cannot capture the full scope of the games, I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into them! Mordheim 2022 was such a great event that I could not help but share!

- Eric Wier


  1. Awesome. Where was this event advertised? I'm a stone's throw from..Houston...

    1. Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, it was not widely advertised, since there was limited space, so the host invited specific people they thought would be interested. There is an Mordheim event in New England coming up in March that is open for people interested: