Wednesday, March 8, 2023

New England Mordheim Open 2023: a recap

Back Into the City of the Damned.

Hot on the heels of Mordheim 2022, we drove up to Chicopee, MA to play in the New England Mordheim Open, held by Under the Dice/Hive Scum group. It was an amazing event with well over 40 people coming together to celebrate the hobby and play Mordheim, a game not supported by Games Workshop for over 20 years. The event took place in a single day, with each player participating in four games. In addition to playing Mordheim, we also brought some of our recording equipment along and were able to interview some of the people at the event and those running it. It is hard to express how fun the event was, meeting so many cool people and playing some fun games on a huge number of amazing boards. Although it cannot come close to conveying the magnitude of the event, below are some of the photos we took during the day. We hope you enjoy them and cannot wait to participate in the next NEMO event!

On the eve of NEMO, we tested to see if our recording setup worked and recorded some segments for Dragged into Turbolasers.

The event was held at an American Legion hall. It was an excellent venue, well lit and spacious.

There were a whole host of fun trophies on display, ready to be claimed at the end of the day!

IIII recorded a soundtrack for the event, under the project name Basilisk. The album: Into the City of the Damned. It played throughout the event, and was available on cassette to purchase!

Eric’s Undead warband preparing to go to battle.

The first warband the Undead faced was a mercenary warband created and played by Jason Woolf.

The Undead warband works its way over the pitted streets of Mordheim, looking for warm bodies to eradicate.

They find some in the form of a human mercenary warband. Although a well aimed bolt destroyed one of the ghostly direwolves, it was not enough to stop the rest of the apparitions and a degenerate vampire from tearing many of the mercenaries to shreds.

The Sisters of Sigmar find themselves in a struggle against a band of Norse warriors.

The second game was a multiplayer one that had secret objectives that were detailed on nicely printed cards.

The Undead warband continued to wander the streets, their bloodfever not abated.

In the multiplayer game, Eric’s Undead went up against Shawn’s Lizardmen (left) and Will’s (right) Undead.

The Lizardmen stalk the streets, their skinks scouting ahead, the smell of undead on the breeze.

A hunched necromancer coaxes their small hoard of shambling zombies and skeletons towards their inevitable doom.

The temperature drops suddenly as the incorporeal manifestation of lives lost in the City of the Damned crash against the tenebrous necromancer and its rotting ghouls and followers.

The Sisters of Sigmar move cautiously through the rundown districts of Mordheim, knowing there are dangers in every corner.

The Sisters of Sigmar find that the Skaven have not been eradicated from the ruins of Mordheim afterall.

The Undead find themselves in the humid ruins of Lustria, approaching a band of mauradering mercenaries.

The mercenaries approach the forests of Lustria with caution, sensing malice in the air.

Slick with gore, the vampire is visible in a flurry of talons and teeth, as it descends on some youngbloods.

The mercenaries stand their ground, backs to a river, as specters engulf them.

Emboldened by pushing through one of the ghosts, a hardened mercenary charges towards an apparition protecting a mutated necromancer.

One of the Youngbloods met their end in the carnage, and was brought back as a zombie with the Spell of the Awakening.

The Sisters of Sigmar make short work of an ogre hired by a dreaded vampire.

Shawn’s Skinks quickly scale the dilapidated ruins of Mordheim, ready to shoot poisonous arrows at all that approach.

The Sisters of Sigmar bring the wrath of Sigmar down on a band of mercenaries.

We were able to set up some microphones and interview some of the participants and hosts of NEMO. Expect an episode of the podcast soon!

We spoke to Cole about his Chaos Dwarf warband and experience at NEMO.

Eric shared an award for being voted as most fun opponent to play against at the event.

I was really humbled to have received a trophy at the event!

Steve, one of the hosts, was voted for creating one of the best boards at the event!

Steve’s board was one of the best Mordheim tables we ever got the pleasure of playing on.

Like all great Mordheim boards, it has great variations in height.

We had a small reunion with some of the Mordheim 2022 group at NEMO! From left to right is Will, Brad, Alex, Adam, Eric, and Greg.

Hive Scum X Between the Bolter and Me. Top left to right: Adam, Phil, Eric, Terry, Steve. Bottom left to right: Gage and Greg.

- Eric, Adam, and Greg Wier


  1. What an amazing looking event... absolutely incredible to see so many people attend, and for the event to go off without a hitch!
    I'd have voted for Steve's board, too - so awesome!

    1. It really was a great time! It was amazing to see so many people playing the game!

  2. Amazing. Thank you for all the kind words. I’m so glad you and your brothers were able to come and join us and hang out in person. I appreciate you taking the time to document the event as well!

    1. It was such a fun event! It was wonderful to finally meet you in person too. Until next time!

  3. Great recap! It was amazing to meet you all, and awesome to see your warband in real life!

    1. It was such a pleasure to meet you too! The start of a great friendship!

  4. That Lustria board has so much soul, like kid toys elevated to a diorama, where could I find more pictures of it?

    1. It really was a delight! You might be able to find more pictures of it on the Discord group for the event. You can find it here:

  5. Is there maybe a link where we can see the cards from the multiplayer game? As I mostly play 4-player Mordheim games those secret objectives would be an amazing addition!

    1. I would contact any of the Hive Scum crew about it, like Steve (sovthofheaven on Instagram). I am sure they would be happy to provide them!

    2. Thank you for such a quick response! I'll definitely reach out to them!

    3. The rules they used were taken directly from the Mordheim Town Cryer issue 18. You should be able to download a PDF of the issue online pretty easily.