Sunday, October 31, 2021

Zone Secundus: Church of the Red Athenæum - Petr Danev

Geometry of Murder.

With October coming to an end, I wanted to paint a creepy model, in the spirit of Halloween. Back in July, I converted Petr Danev, a halfling for the Church of the Red Athenæum, a radical splinter of the Imperial Cult that believes suffering is the highest form of veneration of the God-Emperor. The model is laced with scars and has their cheeks sliced open creating a wide, sickly grin of a killer, perfect for Halloween!

As a member of the Church of the Red Athenæum, I thought it was fitting to paint his shoulder sash red.

All of the scars on the model were enhanced with several purple and red glazes.

Additional detailing on the model was added with free-hand paint work, like the treading on the boots, the watch, and the grip of the shotgun.

To add to the narrative of the model, I added a few drops of blood to the base of the model, suggesting Petr is tracking a victim.

Currently I have two other members of the warband ready for painting, and a few models in the work in progress stage. It has been fun exploring the Church of the Red Athenæum again, particularly since I have improved my craft in the past few years. I have a lot more planned in the coming months. Hopefully I will find time for all of it!

- Adam Wier


  1. Excellent - a real "Joker" sort of creepy clown vibe. The boot soles are excellent too! Well done!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! He certainly does have a very creepy vibe. I am glad you liked the soles of his boots! I always enjoy painting those little details.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Sculpting all off the tiny scars on his back was a little tricky, but I think they turned out well.

  3. Wow, that turned out great!

    And the tread pattern is a nice touch! Definitely an area that is overlooked or crudely approximated on most figures.

    1. I have rarely seen sculpted tread patterning that looks good. You are right it is mostly crudely approximated. I find painting the patterning much easier!