Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 60: New Space Marines!

We focus this episode on the new Space Marine models that are being released along with the newest rendition of the Codex Space Marines. We muse on the the Invictor Tactical Warsuit, and how if fits alongside the other dreadnoughts. We also talk about the Primaris Space Marines’ newest floating pickup truck, the Impulsor. Finally, we marvel at how much worse the multipart Infiltrator and Eliminator Space Marines appear, in comparison to the ones contained in the Shadowspear boxed set. 

We also showcased some of the work of Fabio Vero (fabio_morghot on Instagram), focusing on a fantastic Digganob he created.

Watch the entire stream on YouTube:

Or listen to the recording:

- Eric Wier


  1. Gentlemen, sorry it has taken me so long to listen to this episode, but I enjoyed it very much when I did!

    I have been admiring Fabio's work for a while, so he is a well deserved Happenin' Hobbyist.

    Regarding the new marines, I agree wirth almost all of your comments. In particular--in my opinion--multi-part modular models have always been inferior in pose to single pose models, this has been the case since the mid/late-1990s when the metal space marines with plastic arms first appeared! I would always take single pose models and convert them rather than multi-part modular models--the professional sculptors are better at posing a model than me!

    Regarding the walker-thingy, it makes sense not as a stealth walker (I agree that is completely stupid) but it does sort of make sense as a lightweight gun platform which can be dropped by air straight into combat. In this case though the stupid and useless armour on the shoulders should be removed (and possibly put in front of the pilot!).

    Looking forward to more of your stuff soon!

    1. Thanks for always listening to our rambling! It is always nice to get feedback.

      Yeah, people always talk about how much they love multipart models, but they are virtually always inferior to posed ones. I would much rather have what the artist had in mind; they make a living off of sculpting models after all, he he.

      I also agree about the walker; it is as though GW never really made up their mind of what they wanted with it, resulting in a lot of mixed messages.

    2. Indeed...even I--at first anyway--thought the multi-part marines GW released in 1998 were great. It was only a few years later that I realised I was spending ages putting models together before I could even paint them, and then they didn't look as good for all that effort! I quit the hobby for a few years and only really came back to GW stuff when I realised I could get OOP metal models off eBay (though the prices have gone up a bit since then! no one wanted metal models back in the early 2000s). I also have never understood the constant clamour for plastic sisters of battle--the ones we have got now are perfect. Anyway to each their own!