Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Witch Hunter games

The grim figure of the Sigmarite Warrior Priest Vieuxpont goads his pack of blood-thirsty warhounds into battle, followed by two fanatics proclaiming prophecies of impending doom.

As a follow up to Eric’s post describing the endeavors of his undead at the Mordheim 2019 event, I wanted to write about my experience using the incredible Witch Hunter warband that Ana Polanšćak created! The first game was against Johan Egerkrans' Undead Warband, and the second was against Ana Polanšćak’s Cult of the Possessed and Mikko Luoma's Chaos Dwarves.

Game 1: 

The contestants:

Warband 1: Ana Polanšćak’s Witch Hunters, led by Captain Strivelyn and kept in a religious fervor by Warrior Priest Vieuxpont. They are accompanied into battle by the massive and terrifying Goaler, ready to crush confessions out of worshipers of the Chaos gods.

The Witch Hunters are joined by Ser Wulfgang Von Kurzewield, built by Nicholas Tregidgo (k0rdhal). He wishes to find an honorable death in Mordheim, but has been twisted by some malign colour that fell from space, perhaps with the twin-tailed comet.

Warband 2: Johan’s Undead warband, lead by the vampire Graf Sugismund Molossus - Knight of The Order of The Black Wing. At his side is the necromancer Macrotus the Soiled, and the swordsman Myotis the Blade, along with two dregs and a collection of wraiths.

The first game was fought over a collection of mausoleums at the outskirts of a decaying town. Word on the street says that an immense treasure is to be found somewhere within its midst. Captain Strivelyn is convinced he will find the depraved worshipers of Chaos or vile practitioners of the dark arts that must be stamped out.

Captain Strivelyn advances on the first mausoleum with the indomitable Goaler at his side. They find it utterly devoid of heretics to punish.

Necromancer Macrotus the Soiled and Myotis the Blade begin the search for wyrdstone. 

Witch Hunters Ansgot and Valance start to ascend a ruined tower with their crossbows, hoping to get a clear view over the graveyard.

Warrior Priest Vieuxpont leads his pack of warhounds towards the ruined House of the Rising Moon, which was said to be a place of the sins of the flesh before the fall of the twin tailed comet 20 years ago.

Necromancer Macrotus and Myotis the Blade continue their search for wyrdstone and come up empty handed.

Graf Sugismund Molossus and his wraiths search for the wyrdstone that Necromancer Macrotus desires, but it is bloodshed that they truly crave. 

Unbeknownst to Warrior Priest Vieuxpont, the House of the Rising Moon is not deserted. Mamselle Misery and her harlots still stalk its ruined shell. (Kristian Simonsen of Secrets of the Void built the house and its denizens).

Before long, the House of the Rising Moon erupts with frenzied combat. Warrior Priest Vieuxpont struggles with the monstrous strength of Mamselle Misery, and Graf Sugismund Molossus’ wraiths envelop the warhounds, scythes slicing through the air.

Mamselle Misery lands a stunning blow on Warrior Priest Vieuxpont and the warhounds fight to contain the malevolence of the wraiths.

As Strivelyn and his men search the mausoleums they are suddenly hit with a cold spectral wind. Vistas of charging horses dominate their vision and the ground rumbles with a torrent of stamping hooves. Unsettlingly, there is no sound to accompany the onslaught.

The ghostly assailants disappear almost as quickly as they arrived, and each man feels fortunate for having been spared. 

From atop the ruined tower, Witch Hunters Ansgot and Valance watch in grim fascination as the ephemeral stampede tears through their companions.

With a crack of static and a sudden drop in temperature, ten armoured travelers materialize in the center of the graveyard, their bodies lying prostrate on the cold ground. After a protracted moment, the travelers struggle to their knees and take note of their surroundings (The time travelers were built by Tammy Nicholls of Tears of Envy).

The travelers attempt to distance themselves from Graf Sugismund Molossus and the nearby Witch Hunters.

Before having the time to fully collect themselves, the travelers are hit by the spectral horses, sending three to the ground bleeding.

After forcing the travelers into a spirited retreat, the horses slam into the ruins of the House of the Rising Moon, taking Warrior Priest Vieuxpont out of action, mangling one of his legs. In the ensuing chaos, Graf Sugismund Molossus’ wraiths find a cache of wyrdstone amidst the House and depart with it.

As his wraiths escape with the wyrdstone, Graf Sugismund Molossus is surrounded by Witch Hunters. He manages to dispatch the mighty goaler before being laid low by Ser Wulfgang Von Kurzewield, losing an eye in the process.

Game 2:

The contestants:

Warband 1: Ana Polanšćak’s Witch Hunters, minus Warrior Priest Vieuxpont who had to sit out the battle due to an injured leg.

Warband 2: Ana Polanšćak’s Cult of the Possessed.

Mikko Luoma's Chaos Dwarves. Unfortunately, the ogre was killed in a prior engagement and could not take part in the game.

The second game was fought over a sullen graveyard, with each warband being tasked with making it across the battlefield into an opposing deployment zone.

Warrior Priest Vieuxpont’s mangled leg prevents him from venturing into battle. The Witch Hunters are not discouraged. They can smell the taint of Chaos on the wind and will root it out even if it costs them their lives.

The Chaos Dwarves suffered extreme hardships in their first skirmish. Their ogre suffered serious injuries and succumbed to them after the battle.

The Cult of the Possessed are dead set on making the Witch Hunters suffer.

The Witch Hunters head straight towards the Possessed, with only Ansgot and Valance staying put to fire their crossbows from atop a gentle hill.

Patience be damned, the two Possessed shamble towards the Witch Hunters with a remarkable swiftness, each propelled by the fell beings that inhabit their human bodies.

The Chaos Dwarves advance steadily across the graveyard. Only the crossbowman and pistoler stay behind.

The warbands continue the advance, ready to spill blood.

The two Possessed are the first to make it into combat, charging the snarling warhounds.

As the Possessed dispatch the warhounds, Captain Strivelyn and the Zealots charge into combat with Sigmar guiding them.

Two beastmen enter the fray as the combat between the zealots and the Possessed rages.

The Witch Hunters are no match for the frightening power of the Possessed. Captain Strivelyn is torn limb from limb and the zealots are quickly dispatched. Without the guidance of Strivelyn or Warrior Priest Vieuxpont, the Witch Hunters’ resolve crumbles. And as the Cult of the Possessed is occupied with decimating the Witch Hunters, the Chaos Dwarves make it across the graveyard and to victory.

I cannot begin to thank Ana enough for creating such a lovely warband for me to use that this event; they were perfect! Furthermore, I really want to thank her for gifting a portion of the warband to me (and two beastmen to my brothers) after the event! I am excited to start building models to expand the group of Witch Hunters and use it in the future!

- Greg Wier


  1. Great photos and writing. I'm curious to see what happened on all the other tables while I was busy with my games. :)

    1. Thanks for providing me we an extremely thematic warband to use! I am pleased that the Witch Hunters and the Cult met on the field of Battle. I am also interested to read about the games others played, as I was occupied with my own.

  2. I have loved looking at all the blog posts featuring this weekend. Epic stuff!

  3. Excellent photos and a nice write up. Great stuff!