Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mordheim 2019: a recap

A few Witch Hunters carefully advance through the broken streets of Mordheim.

Last weekend was the culmination of over a year of work by many talented hobbyists, who gathered in Helsinki to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Old World Skirmish game, Mordheim. This collaborative event, known as Mordheim 2019, was hosted by Alexander Winberg of the Echoes of Imperium blog. We were fortunate to be able to make the trip to Finland to take part in the event, using the warbands we have been chronicling over the last few months (as well as one created by the estimable Ana Polanšćak of Gardens of Hecate). The event was far too big and filled with all manner of excellent people and exciting happenings to ever be covered in a single post, so we plan to separate our coverage of Mordheim 2019 into multiple posts (covering all of the games we played), and maybe a few podcasts. This post is going to be a short one, showing a few pictures, and ultimately thanking everyone involved, especially Alexander Winberg for inviting us and hosting the event. It is hard to put into words how wonderful the weekend was, filled with fantastic models and even better company. It was great to see old friends and create new ones, putting faces to people we have long admired. And although the event is over now, we are more inspired than ever to keep building models, crafting stories, and connecting with the hobby community!

Just a portion of the miniatures that were used to celebrate 20 years of Mordheim.

The Sisters of Sigmar warband that Adam used during the event, including on model created by Nicholas Tregidgo.

The Undead warband Eric used during the event, supplemented with models created by Nicholas Tregidgo and Eli Parsons.

A Witch Hunter warband created by Ana Polanšćak, that Greg used during the event.

One of the fantastic boards at the event, this one created by Kari from Iron Sleet.

A board created by msterrainlab.

One of the many games of Mordheim played, featuring Kristian Simonsen’s skaven, Jimmy Henriksson’s Parade of Parody, and Kari’s State Troops of Averland.

A game played over Nicky Grillet’s amazing foldable board, featuring our Undead warband fighting Erik Blomqvist’s Sisters of Sigmar.

The three who made it all possible, Tuomas Pirinen who created Mordheim, Alexander Winberg who created and hosted Mordheim 2019, and the legend himself, who defined Games Workshop’s imagery, John Blanche.

The entire group at Mordheim 2019!

- Eric Wier


  1. I loved seeing the posts on Instagram. Very inspirational. Looking forward to seeing (and listening to) your take on it all.… :)

    1. It has really been a wild ride, one that has been fun to chronicle via Instagram! I have been pulling together photos for the games I played, so I hope to have those up soon too!

  2. Thanks for a fantastic weekend! �� I am already missing everybody. It was great to meet you guys and put faces on you.
    Nice write up, I am looking forward to read the next. ��

    1. It certainly was excellent, and I am missing everyone too. It would be great if everyone was closer and it was easier to get together more often. At least it is easy to connect via the internet! It was really nice to finally meet you, after admiring your work for so long. Seeing your models in person made me more impressed then ever, something to aspire for!