Thursday, July 27, 2023

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 103: Rich Grimmond 2023 and the Rot of Hondious

Rich Grimmond 2023

In this episode, we interviewed people at the Rich Grimmond 2023 Inq28 event in Richmond, Virginia. The first interview is with Mike (gundamofficialhobby) and Grant (underworldalliance) talking about their new game Caliban28. The second is with Martin ( and Isaac (weirdingsway), chatting about Inq28 events and the use of Forbidden Psalm for the Rot of Hondious event. The third is with Scott (scotomancer) talking about Heroquest and paint. The fourth is with Jonny (Witchhammerstudio) discussing his amazing “The Breath of Organthus” board. The final interview is with a bunch of the Hive Scum crew, chatting about how they got to the event and other aspects of the hobby.

Read more about the event HERE.

Listen to the episode:

- Eric Wier

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