Friday, August 4, 2023

The Rot of Hondious: Red Joy warband

The Road to Recovery is a Dead End Littered with Dead Bodies.

The Rot of Hondious, an Inq28 campaign held at the Rich Grimmond 2023 event, was fantastic. It gave us the opportunity to use Lucretia Barghest, an infected spyrehead, in some games of Forbidden Psalm! Although we had a few posts about her, including one showing how the model was converted, we have not shown the rest of the warband on the blog, and wanted to fix that. Part of the reason we decided to create a Red Joy warband, a host of bloody and mindless degenerates, was that it would give us an opportunity to paint a few eclectic models we recently got, namely a pair of MÖRK BORG goblins from Westfalia Miniatures, and a Bellman sculpted by Ana Polanšćak for the Folk Horrors II Kickstarter. While the models are quite different from each other, their macabre styling fit the concept of a deranged and bloody cult. For the remainder of the warband, we decided to use a selection of eclectic models we acquired over the years. Two were models from Ana’s first Kickstarter, and the final was one of WilhelMiniatures’ Forest Dwellers that I painted last year.

These goblins were given a zenithal prime before giving them a coat of Flesh Tearers Red Contrast Paint. This served as the basis for the models’ paint scheme, but the highlight and shadow areas were pronounced with glazing in additional reds.

I tried out Pro Acryl’s washes for the first time, and was incredibly impressed with their Black Wash. Unlike a lot of GW washes/shades, the Pro Acryl ones come out nice and matte.

I approached the Bellman much the same way as the goblins, starting with Flesh Tearers Red. I used a Scale75 Copper paint set to paint the bells.

The base was a simple combination of GW texture paints that were repainted with a series of browns and sand colors.

The majority of the warband, sans the diminutive spawns that could be generated in game.

The entire Red Joy warband, with two spawns on the outer ends.

The warband list!

- Eric Wier


  1. Very cool - interesting and different take on goblins.

    1. Thank you! Mork Borg's take on goblins is really creepy, ha ha.