Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Painting begins - Bases

The painting has begun!

When spending so much effort converting models and making cool characters, it can be easy to forget about the bases for the models. Anyone who has been painting models for awhile knows that a nice base can really tie a model together and make it look complete. It is important to not get too carried away with a base, lest it distract from the model as a whole. With this in mind, to ensure that the bases were cohesive and tied all of the models together, I opted for a relatively simple stone-tile theme. To do this, I used a combination of GW scenic bases from the Eyes of the Nine warband and ones I sculpted by hand. To ease into the painting process for the Sisters of Sigmar warband, I decided to paint a few of the bases, and wanted to showcase them here!

I created little pieces of discarded wood, via plastic card and green stuff, to add visual interest to the bases.

I used a whole host of different Vallejo grays to try to create convincing stone.

The majority of the paints I used for the bases were Vallejo Model Air colors from the USAF Colors “Gray Schemes” From 70’s to Present. The set has a wide range of different gray paints, reducing the need to constantly mix paints together to get different shades. The initial coats of paint were applied with an airbrush (Black - 71.057; Hull Red -71.039; Olive drab -71.043, Medium Gunship Gray -71.097). Next I applied a series of lighter grays (Dark Gull Gray - 71.277; USAF Medium Gray - 71.275; USAF Light Gray - 71.276) in random patterns on the bases to try and achieve a natural stone appearance. With the basic stone finished, I applied some weathering with a series of brown enamels and oils to the stone.

What is a Warhammer base without a skull?!

I spent a little time painting the front of the Sister Superior’s shield, adding some heraldry and weathering.

I am happy that I decided to start painting the bases for my warband first. It was a good way to transition out of the converting mindset into a painting one. Ultimately, it will make the bases look more uniform than if I had done each after painting each model. With these done, I am excited to start the Sisters themselves!

-Adam Wier

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