Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 87: Thoughts Old Bale Eye and Warhammer+

The future of Games Workshop?

On the eve before Games Workshop releases their new streaming service Warhammer+, we talk about the quality of the animated Hammer and Bolter episode they played for free to promote the service, Old Bale Eye. We talk about the generally poor animation in the episode and what that might mean for the rest of the series. We talk at length about the other features included with the service and how they relate to services Games Workshop already provides via YouTube or other apps. We also discuss the inclusion of a model to encourage subscriptions and where we think the future of the service will be headed.

Watch the entire stream on YouTube:

Or listen to the recording:

- Eric Wier


  1. Good episode as usual, guys. Glad to be one of the regular few still commenting on your blog :) As a permanent record of things and for longer form content I find a blog is a still the best format - though I admit there are only perhaps 5 of them that I read almost everything they publish - the rest I just skim. But my blog is a personal record for myself mostly...not sure how it is for others.

    Regarding Warhammer + I will be interested to hear the follow up episode as for now I am not subscribing to it. I haven't' found a GW publication worth reading in the last 5-10 years so I cannot see how this would be different. But I am tempted by Louise Sugden's painting masterclass videos as I really like her style - also if they have a vault of all out of print books in pdf it would be wroth subscribing for that alone. And if they don't offer hat then in all honesty why the hell are they even bothering with this? Wargames Illustrated offers all back issues in a vault for subscribers, so we'll see for GW I suppose!

    1. I agree that using a blog more as a personal logo of what you are doing is the best and most sustainable way to keep it up. It is the main reason we are keeping at it. Unfortunately I am really bad at reading blogs now; I am just a guilty as the next person for largely just scrolling through Instagram...

      It is still hard to tell if Warhammer+ will be worth it, but I could see months from now, it being worth subscribing for a month to watch the content and then cut it off. Louise's first video is really good; I could see her content being a selling point, particularly when more content gets added.