Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Unforgiven: Dark Angels Kill Team

Thought begets Heresy. Heresy begets Retribution.

We have been quite excited about the release of the new edition of Kill Team, recording two episodes of the podcast about it. Over the last two months, I painted two female space marines in the Dark Angels livery to support 28’s Female Space Marine challenge. Having finished two models, I realized if I pushed myself to paint three more, I would have a complete Kill Team (Primaris Intercessors)! Having already converted the rest of the squad years ago, it was not long before I had primer on the remaining models and was stippling on Caliban Green paint.

Although the majority of the armor was painted using a stippling/dry brushing method, I did some final edge and volume highlights with a small brush, to push the contrast.

I painted a little red X on one of the skulls on the sergeant’s backpack to add a little color to the model and fit along with the tactical marking on their shoulder pad.

I painted the model’s dark skin following Ivan K’s face painting tutorial.

The green was painted with Caliban Green, with increasing amounts of Vallejo Game Color Glacier Blue (72.095) for highlights.

To impart additional personality and character, I painted some personal heraldry on each of the models’ knee pads. This added more visual interest to each model and made them less dark overall.

Although I used waterslide decals for the tactical markings, I painted some minor chipping and scuff marks and applied a matte varnish to tone them down.

Although this was my first painted Dark Angel, I went back to her and added an oil wash to make her more uniform with the others.

I could not resist getting a checker pattern on one of the Dark Angels!

The finished Kill Team!

- Eric Wier


  1. That is a lovely bit of brushwork sir !

  2. Excellent! The Mark VII look is much better than the out of the box Mark X.

    Where did the three skull backpack come from? Conversion or a bit from somewhere?

    1. Thanks! The skull backpack was a minor conversion; I drilled holes in some skulls and inserted dress pins. I also drilled some smaller holes and inserted some pieces of plastic card to make smaller nails.

    2. oh, well that turned out very nicely then!

  3. these look absolutely awesome!
    A lot of the D.A colour schemes you see online look too garish or a bit cartoony but this is exactly the look im going for. I just recently started using the drybrush method too (Artis Opus style) so its fantastic to see what can be achieved.
    Just love these, superlative work sir!

  4. That’s some fantastic dusty shading!