Thursday, September 30, 2021

Conversion Korner: Kill Team Ork Nob

It is no surprise that we are excited about Kill Team, after recording two episodes of the podcast about it, converting a lasrifle for one of the Death Korp models, and painting a Dark Angels Kill Team. These efforts were all focused on the Imperial side of things. Not wanting to leave the Xenos out, particularly when the Ork Kommando models included with Kill Team are so great, I decided to convert one of the models. I chose the Nob model in the kit, as it was my favorite and brought back memories of 2nd edition, with the model’s characteristic hat. After looking more closely at the model, I resolved to keep it largely unchanged, other than removing some unneeded clutter, and changing their firearm, as I tend to do, as evidenced by my growing collection of conversion tutorials!

The Nob in all of their ferocious glory, holding their prized slugga, which looks suspiciously like a C96 Mauser.

I decided to keep the Ork Nob relatively unchanged from out of the box, other than trimming away a few cumbersome elements, like a gigantic stickbomb on his backpack.

The broom-handle Mauser was created by dramatically cutting down the original slugga and adding a new barrel made of brass tubing, along with some other details added with plastic card and modeling putty.

I glued a diminutive piece of plastic card on the end of the barrel to create a front sight.

I had a lot of fun converting this Kommando nob. It brought back memories of converting the updated plastic Games Day Nob I did at the beginning of the year, where I converted their slugga to look like a MAC-10. Having converted this second ork, I am tempted to also convert a grot partner for them, like with the Games Day Nob, probably using the excellent one included with the Kill Team, who has a grappling hook. Together these orks and grots could be the foundation of an Inq28 warband of enterprising Xenos?!

- Adam Wier


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    1. Thanks! I am excited to try and convert a few more ork models in the future.