Sunday, June 13, 2021

Tutorial: Autogun

A Genestealer Cultist neophyte with an autorifle that looks a little like an FN SCAR.

I have slowly been creating tutorials showing how to convert better-scaled 40k weapons. Ever since the release of the Genestealer Cultist models, I have always wanted to modify their autoguns to be smaller and less of a focal point on the models. To celebrate Tyranids and Genestealer Cultist this month, Modern Synthesist started an initiative to convert any model in either of their model ranges, tagging them with #junestealer. This was the push I needed to finally get out the neophyte hybrid kit and convert one of their autoguns! Below are the steps I used to reduce the size of their autoguns; feel free to try it yourself!

Using a razor saw, cut off the upper section of the autogun. Use the outer casing at the front end of the autogun as a guide to start the cut. Trim off the barrel and front extension of the autogun.

Using a razor saw, remove the magazine from the autogun. A hobby knife can be used to clean up any extra plastic from the magazine of the autogun’s receiver.

Using a pin vise, drill a 0.8mm hole at the front of the autogun. This hole is where the new barrel for the weapon will slide into.

Using a razor saw, cut the stock off a Cadian lasgun. Attach the stock to the autogun. Again using a razor saw, trim the stock to be flush with the top of the gun. Also use the saw to cut away some of the magazine well.

Use a pin vice to lightly drill into the side of the autogun to create a shell ejection point. Add a smaller magazine to the autogun, created from a piece of discarded sprue.

Using a pin vice, brass tubing, plastic card, and modeling putty, add additional details, like iron sights, slide releases, etc.

The converted autogun (bottom) is substantially smaller than the regular Genestealer Cultist version (top).

- Adam Wier


  1. Nice work as always on these conversions. Although I do find that I miss the "autogun tip" that the autoguns have had for 30 years.. nearly as iconic as the lasgun tip.

    1. The flash suppressors on the traditional autoguns are pretty iconic. I will make sure to add something like that on my next autogun conversion. :)

  2. Excellent result. I wonder if you can cast these if you were making a larger force. I suppose given the smaller forces you do it probably isn't too much of an issue. ;)

    1. Molds could certainly be made for the converted autoguns. That would be the way to go if you wanted to equip your entire force with them.