Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Conversion Corner: Genestealer Cultist

"Man will always fail."

After creating a tutorial for converting a smaller autogun for the ubiquitous Genestealer Cultist models earlier this month, I wanted to finish the conversion work on the cultist model themselves, in time of the #junestealer community initiative. My goal was to keep the model as close to the original as possible, making sure it was easily recognizable. With the smaller rifle, the model’s heroic scaling became even more obvious, particularly with their gigantic feet. I decided to trim the feet down to minimize this, using green stuff and scribing in details to make them look more natural. I also replaced the model’s holstered pistol with a smaller one, and gave them an additional rucksack. Finally, to make the model really look beaten down and combat hardened, I carved in some scars on his head and sculpted some bandages. While these changes are small, I think they make for a better, more powerful looking model! Let me know what you think!

I added some additional scarring and bandages on the cultist’s face to suggest that he has weathered significant hardships in Zone Secundus.

To minimize the heroic scaling of the model, I trimmed down and reshaped the boots. A little sculpting work was done to add some folds in the leather of the boots.

From left to right: True-scale/Primaris Space, Sister of Battle, and Genestealer Cultist.

- Adam Wier


  1. Looking good! Although hopefully he can still aim properly with the other eye...

    Are the blue bits resin casts?

    1. He might have a little trouble aiming with his eye wound, but he will adapt!

      The blue pieces are components I reworked and cast from my Imperial guard a few years ago. Making those tiny holstered pistols gets really time consuming. Ha ha

  2. Very nice indeed. Even though I am annoyed at GW for changing the scale of their models, those 3 all look correct in scale when next to each other.

    1. Yeah, overall the three models look nice together. The sisters of battle are pretty large though.