Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Vastarian: Contest ending this month!

Transfiguration's gonna come for me at last.

It has been just about two months since we unveiled our Vastarian Open Invitation contest, asking people to create a Vastarian Cult! Since that time, there has been a huge amount of interest in the setting, with people writing lore and building models. We wanted to showcase a little of it and remind people that they still have until the end of March to submit something of their own to the contest!

Although not an entry into the contest, our good friend and incredibly talented hobbyist Juniper Bout (@voxmorbus) converted and painted a cultist for our Church of the Red Athenæum. The model was converted around one of the newer plastic zombies, which was a perfect choice, as they are well proportioned and scaled. Fitting the theme of the Red Church, they have an amputated limb, along with a lower jaw replaced with a vox grill. The model looks so diminutive, yet proud. Resolute in their faith, reveling in a life of suffering. We really love how the model is not a warrior. They have no weapons or armour, just their conviction, and that is enough. The model really captures the essence of the Church of the Red Athenæum, and we now have a desire to create a few similar cultists based on the Deadwalker zombies. Vivere est pati.

Juniper Bout (@voxmorbus) expertly captured the Church of the Red Athenæum in this miniature.

Juniper is an amazing painter (@voxmorbus), capturing the texture of rough spun fabric when painting the model’s robes in a worn red.

The new cultist (middle) fits perfectly alongside other members of the Red Church!

Below are a small selection of some of the current miniatures people are creating for Vastarian! To follow along with everything that is being created, be sure to follow #vastarian on Instagram!

First Point of Aries is bringing the Thorn Moons to Vastarian with the Cult of the Hollow Thorn!

In addition to creating boards for Vastarian, Bill Ford (@the_ruin.501) is creating a warband. This is Cardinal Ladorak, his Eminence of the Reverent House of St Nirvath. Sam Lotfi (@slotfi) even created artwork for the character!

Mark Luft (@trexcowboy_) is creating a cult where the act of breathing is a sacred ritual, a communion with the Emperor's divine essence.

Williabetha, the Maiden of Martyrs from the Priory of the Throne's Lament, created by blackcitygamesclub.

Evan Hough (@itswhatevan) created an amazing Vastarian Sun Cult, the Luminar Conclave.

Tyler is Alright at Painting (@tylerisalrightatpainting) is creating the “Cult of Undying Love,” who strive to live as long as possible to serve in His name.

James Edward Holloway (@monstermangonzo) is creating the House of Righteousness, always recognizable in their royal purple.

Knucklebones Miniatures has been creating printable 3d sculpts for Vastarian, including this cultist with an organ for a head, pictured here!

In addition to creating this warband, Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Games created an expansion for his skirmish game MiniGangs for Vastarian.

Victor.tcvr created an amazing high priest accompanied by a knight and bounty hunter.

Descentfromgrace is creating a series of grisly models, including this murder-crone, reminiscent of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill!

As a refresher, the contest rules are as follows:
  1. Build and paint 3-5 models from an Imperial Cult of your creation.
  2. Write some lore developing your Cult’s beliefs and religious doctrine.
  3. Send up to 5 photos of your completed models, along with your written lore, to our blog email address (betweenthebolterandme@gmail.com) by March 31st, 2024.
  4. Feel free to post photos on Instagram throughout the process using #vastarian.

Prizes: What contest would be complete without some prizes?

We hope you consider creating some models for the contest if you haven’t yet!

- Eric Wier

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