Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Vastarian: Special Operations Unit Mitsukurina

I am the law!

Special Operations Unit Mitsukurina is an elite unit within the Adeptus Arbites that specializes in covert, solo infiltration missions to neutralize revolutions or insurgencies in politically or religiously sensitive areas that would foment unrest if handled via conventional means. They are adept at locating and nullifying psychic threats, as most are trained psykers themselves. The group has been functioning on Vastarian for years, quietly neutralizing threats that could upset the tenuous religious balance on the cathedral world. The opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum spurred on an unprecedented psychic awakening that brought about the planetary collapse of the governing bodies and fractured the religious tolerance of Vastarian. It also ensured there was no shortage of psychic threats to be neutralized, particularly the transport and acquisition of psykers designated for the Black Ships.

Special Operations Unit Mitsukurina logo

Hypatia Etranzi, leader of Special Operations Unit Mitsukurina. A powerful practitioner of psychokinesis and telepathy, she is able to bend the spacetime continuum and manipulate causality.

Etranzi was converted from a large assortment of models, with the head coming from the Adeptus Arbites Extraction Squad, the legs from the Inquisition Acolyte Kill Team, the feet from the Rogue Trader Kill Team, the body from the Galen ven Denst witch hunter, and the arms from the Cities of Sigmar plague doctor from the Freeguild Command Corp.

Reflective of Etranzi’s psychic prowess, she has no traditional weapons.

Hypatia Etranzi of Special Operations Unit Mitsukurina standing next to a Chronos-pattern Ironcrawler retrofitted with psychic dampeners to transport psykers destined for the Black Ships.

Cygnus Poward, weapons expert of Special Operations Unit Mitsukurina. He has a unique psychic ability enabling him to access wargear and equipment from an ancient Imperium armory in a pocket dimension.

The model was primarily converted from an Adeptus Arbites Extraction Squad model, originally released for Kill Team. Albion Alloy’s brass tubing was used to create cables into the side of the model’s head.

The model was given a lot of equipment and a sidearm, to ensure they were ready for long solo missions.

The Special Operations Unit Mitsukurina logo was sculpted on his shoulder pad.

This heavy bolter was converted from one of the Necromunda Enforcer sniper rifles. It was cut down and Albion Alloy brass tubing was used to create the barrel and gas-operation tube. The rifle’s magazine was replaced with a larger drum magazine (cut down from a Delaque autopistol magazine).

This pair of models was made for a Vastarian scenario to be played at Adepticon, where different cults attempt to raid a convoy to obtain psykers. The models were entered into Hive Market Mini’s #ScumAThon, a contest designed to encourage people to kitbash hive scum miniatures.

- Adam Wier


  1. Very sinister miniatures!

    Although this concept was called Precinct Omega back in the time of The Conclave.