Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Dragged into Turbolasers 108: Adepticon 2024 interviews!

Adepticon 2024!

In this episode, we interview people at Adepticon (2024), the United States largest miniature wargames convention! It was our first time at the convention, but we were able to set up our recording equipment in the Grimdark Hallway, run by our friends from Hive Scum. Below are time stamps of where you can listen to each interview!

00.56 - Greg Wier (denimdayjob) chats with Eli (Redwetskeleton) and Jonny (witchhammerstudio) the morning after their first day at the convention.

06.06 - Eric and Adam Wier chat with Adam Loper of Tabletop Minions, touching on painting competitions and game design!

31:38 - Greg chats with Grant (underworldalliance) about the Kislev Mordheim warband he built and painted using Kingdom Death plastic models.

45:12 - Greg chats with Trent ( and Bill (berserkerwrks) about MEK28 and videogames, including Unreal Tournament.

1:10:40 - Greg chats with Alex (av.hobbies) and Mark (moshartz) about everyone’s favorite Games Workshop game, Mordheim.

1:24:12 - Greg chats with Mark (moshartz) and Martin McCoy ( about Malört, Chicago’s favorite drink, and creating artwork.

Listen to the episode:

- Eric Wier


  1. Another fun episode. Sad that I didn't (knowingly) run into you guys ar Adepticon.

  2. Could not have chosen a better picture to be the thumbnail for the post; 4 amazing people in dark garb discussing the finer points of being awesome. Thanks for hauling the recording gear and letting us share your experiences vicariously