Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Mordheim 2022: Undead Final game

Once I heard the words “Meat Grinder” spoken aloud in a tavern. Did I see who said these words? No. It could have been anyone in that squalid domicile. I knew they spoke of a vampire. Certainly. A no life king that could not be seen via conventional means, the corrupting touch of wyrdstone stealing ever more of what tied it to the realms of mankind. Murmurs told of Reiklanders twisted until deformation, rupturing into bloody pieces. Bands of mercenaries flayed into grisly smears. By 2020 IC, talk of the “Meat Grinder” faded to obscurity, save rumors that even the ratmen of Eshin chittered of a faceless stygian terror in cursed tunnels. And now in the calendar year 2022, the ratmen are gone. I hear people whispering of it everywhere. Perhaps everyone touched by that place has known all along. I am called back to the City of the Damned. I am called to Mordheim.

- Naewen, savant of Thrax

Late last month I got the opportunity to play a fabulous Mordheim event in Houston Texas! While we had an initial post showing some photos from the event, I also wrote one detailing the first three games I played at the event with my Undead warband. I had the opportunity to play one final game at the event, which I wanted to recount in this post. It was against the legendary Jimmy Henriksson (@the_phoenecian), who also took part in Mordheim 2019!

Denizens of madness, beginning to fade from existence, wander through the ruins of Mordheim.

A Cult of the Possessed roves through the twisting streets of a crumbling district of Mordheim, following rumors of a chest filled with opulence.

Brethren of the vile cult surge through the ruins, searching in vain for the rumored chest.

The search continues as another building is found void of both life and riches.

Spectral phantoms ebb in an out of being as they drift through the cobbled streets.

A shell of a man, a dreg of humanity, stands watch over a blasted ruin, held company by an ambulatory corpse.

Perched high in a dilapidated abode, a cultist spies an ominous towering building and knows what they seek must be inside.

The Cult makes haste across the detritus of human civilization, approaching the looming tower, as phantoms flicker in and out of sight.

Chanting a series of esoteric words, the Cult’s Magister materialized into the dilapidated upper floors of a building, giving them a clear view of the surrounding streets.

Pugnacious as ever, the Cult’s ogre lumbered towards the last remaining unexplored building only to get flayed to ribbons by hateful specters.

Seeing the encroaching cult, the hooded wretch shuffled into the remaining towering building and struggled to drag out a banded oak chest.

With the help of a coterie of disheveled and abominable creatures, the hooded degenerate melted into the shadowy depths of Mordheim, taking the sought-after chest with them.

Undead victory

This wraps up all of the games I was able to play with my Undead warband at the Mordheim 2022 event! It was really fun to get an opportunity to play with them again after their debut in 2019. The event reminded me how much I enjoy Mordheim, as well as getting together with other like-minded hobbyists to share our love of the miniature hobby.

- Eric Wier


  1. That looks like such a great event, and some fun games!

    1. It really was! Thank you for taking time to read about it!