Monday, October 24, 2022

Painting: Ana Polanšćak Custodian Wraith

The Shadow at the Bottom of the World.

As Halloween draws near, I decided it might be fun to paint a creepy model. After looking through my collection, I found some of Ana Polanšćak’s sculpts from her first Kickstarter (Harwood Hobbies Kickstarter). In the past I painted one of her Blood Fiends and Skull Familiars, along with a small gargoyle. I found the skull-headed ghost she created, a custodian wraith, and decided it would be ideal to paint to celebrate the season!

I recently experimented with using purples and blues to paint a model for the upcoming game Boneforest, and thought it would work here too.

The wraith is quite small, fitting perfectly on a 25mm round base.

The Custodian wraith feels right at home alongside the ambulatory skull.

From left to right: Bloodfiend, Skull familiar, Custodian wraith, Gargoyle.

- Eric Wier

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