Tuesday, October 18, 2022

32, Chapter 7 - Gaslands: Refueled


For the seventh episode of 32, Eric Wier and Alexander Winberg talk about what they have been working on in the hobby and touch on the upcoming 28 project, SKULLS. The main topic of the episode is reviewing a miniature game of vehicular mayhem: Gaslands: Refueled. They talk about how the game plays, along with how easy it is to pick up, even for non-miniature gamers. They also touch on converting toy cars to fit the post-apocalyptic theme of the game.

- Eric Wier


  1. I've had a similar project in mind for ages. I've got some vaguely futuristic looking kit cars in the 1:43 scale, along with some Stargrave plastic mercs. I have it in mind to do something set in the Dark Future mythos.

    1. That sounds fantastic! Gaslands is really fun, and worth the effort!