Monday, September 19, 2022

Boneforest: the Addicted and the Witch

Inhabitants of Boneforest.

If you have been following the work of Helge Wilhelm Dahl, you might have seen that he is working on a miniature game with Nitri Michele, to be released later this year by Hollow Press, called Boneforest! While details for the game are relatively sparse, it seems to be set in a world occupied by the creepy and corpulent monstrosities he has been creating for years (and has released via Etsy and numerous Kickstarters), that is populated by the titular bonetrees. Recently it was revealed that Ana Polanšćak, of the Gardens of Hecate fame, is doing the official painting for the game, and has been revealing new models from the game weekly. Excitingly, Helge contacted us and asked if we would be interested in painting some of the miniatures to be displayed as alternative paint schemes for the game release! Not ones to pass on the opportunity to paint some macabre models, we jumped at the opportunity. We ended up painting two models, one of the Addicted (Adam painted this one), and one of the Witches (Eric painted this one)!

The Addicted are quite unsettling with their gigantics toothy maws. The purples used were from the Malefic Flesh Set by Vallejo, with the main purple being Frozen Flesh (74.010). Purple Shadow (74.011) was used to add some red tones to the scheme. Warlock Purple (an ancient GW paint) was used to make the fleshy tubes on its back richer in color.

The blue of the model’s gums were painted with a few Scale 75 colors, Deep Blue, Cantabric Blue, and Sky Blue. Some blue was also glazed onto the vestigial hand. A trace amount of blood leaking from its gums was painted to make the model extra creepy!

The Witch was painted in a similar scheme to the Addicted.

Tamiya Color X-27 Clear Red acrylic paint was used to paint the bloody sores on the model. If you ever need a good paint for blood, X-27 is what you want!

- Adam and Eric Wier


  1. Uh, well that is creepy. Wow, certainly different from the standard. Well done on the purple skin.

    1. Thank you! It was fun pushing ourselves to try something a little different in color schemes.