Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Wier Cult: Wilbur Whatley commissioned a piece of art for us!

The Wier Cult.

It is amazing to reflect on the progression of Between the Bolter and Me, now that we are approaching 10 years! It has grown substantially over the years, branching out into a podcast, a Twitch channel, a YouTube channel, and even a growing Discord group. Although we primarily started blogging to share our creations and thoughts, we quickly realized the best part is connecting with others who have shared interests. It is building and connecting with a wider hobby community. We have tried to do this in different ways, like holding hobby challenges (Death Guard, Bonereapers) and showcasing some of our favorite hobbyists each year. Ultimately, we just enjoy chatting with other people involved in the hobby! While we hope that we impart to others a fraction of the inspiration we get from these interactions, it can sometimes be difficult to know if we are having an impact, particularly with the decline of blogging and the faceless aspect of podcasting. Recently, this niggling thought was silenced by our friend and fellow blogger Wilbur Whateley, when he gifted us a piece of artwork he commissioned Roberto Cuevas Guerrero to create, featuring the three of us as Tzeentchian cultists! It is a fantastic piece, fitting Guerrero's signature style using the sharp contrast of black and white to emphasize all of the fine and often unsettling details he incorporates. Getting such a thoughtful piece of artwork was really touching and we wanted to share it with all of you. Now we just need to find a place in our respective hobby spaces to frame and hang the artwork!

- Adam, Eric, and Greg Wier