Monday, March 23, 2020

Ossiarch Bonereaper Challenge: WIP entries

Rogue Trader Era Eldar - Tony Hough

We started a Ossiarch Bonereaper Challenge at the beginning of February, encouraging anyone interested to try to convert an Eldar model using pieces from the Age of Sigmar Ossiarch Bonereaper model line. We recently finished converting our entry into the challenge, and have begun the painting process. Excitingly, there has been a lot of interest in the challenge, and we have gotten quite a number of entries! In this post, we wanted to feature all of the current work-in-progress entries, broken down into Eldar and non-Eldar conversions!

Eldar Conversions:

Waaaghbert has assembled and started to paint this wonderful farseer. At first glance, we would have said that this was a stock Games Workshop model, the parts mesh together so well. The bony projections added to their shoulders really injects an esoteric weirdness to the model. What sort of craftworld do they hail from?

Larsonicminiatures wasted no time incorporating the bonereapers into his Dark Eldar force, creating a foreboding Haemonculus. It echoes the tone of Games Workshop’s Haemonculus models, but is clearly a thing of its own, paralleling the rest of his fantastic Dark Eldar army.

Krautscientist, of the estimable Eternal Hunt blog, used a Bonereaper model to create a brilliant looking Dark Eldar warrior that seems to merge visual cues from Kabalite warriors and the Incubi.

Onson_sweemy has crafted an imposing Aeldari nobleman from a rather morbid Craftworld. Most eldar are lithe and slender, but this one looks to have the heft of the mightests of the Imperium’s warriors. The Aeldari may be few in number, but they are diverse and strange!

Eatdrinkdeath has been exercising their sculpting skills creating what looks to a towering Wraithguard or Wraithlord. We are very excited to see where it goes!

The Polysmith shows off his insight for creating imaginative looking models, by combining a diverse range of pieces, including those from Eldar Wraith Guard and Tyranid warrior. Having been sculpted by Jes Goodwin, they contain a similar design language that allows them to merge together well!

Tower.of.volk recognized how the Mortisan Soulreaper model was an excellent basis for crafting a Farseer unleashing their psychic might upon its enemies. The tattered robes really emphasize the perilous place the Eldar race is in the 41st millenium.

Symptomatic_chaos did an expert job of creating a wandering mercenary that looks as though he may have at one point been a Kabalite warrior. So effective is the conversion, that it looks like a Dark Eldar model you could buy directly from Games Workshop!

Cpt.timboli did a remarkable job of combining the elegant armor designs of the Aeldari with the frayed robes of a Bonereaper model, creating an interesting dichotomy that really speaks to the eldritch qualities of the xenos race.

Mccormacklogan actually created two models for the challenge, the first being a terrifying Wraith Guard. The towering Necropolis Stalker models integrate really effectively with the older Wraith Guard kit.

Non-Eldar creations:

Mccormacklogan’s second creation is this creepy heretical Techpriest, which is host to some manner of abominable virus.

Reliquat28 did not stop with one model, but rather created an entire warband using Bonereaper parts. Their leader is a xenologist who specializes in Aeldari Bioengineering, and has used these skills to augment a host of warriors with Wraithbone! The warband has a great sense of scale, with sleek warriors with autoguns, and a towering Guardian with a chainglaive.

Count.hodo decided to create an AoS28 model using a Bonereaper model as the starting point. The result is this awesome Druid of Decay. It is surprising now neat the Bonereaper models look with more traditional looking skulls!

Theempyrean_ had the inspired idea to use Bonereaper models to create a killteam of Necrons! The skeletal nature of the Bonereaper models imparts a grim, unsettling quality to the Necrons, something that calls back to the third edition of 40k, when the Necrons had not been retconned into Tomb Kings in Space.

Unsupervised_darkness did a superb job combining the legs of a Necromunda Delaque ganger with a Bonereaper model to create this imposing warrior!

Prolygoblin used select Bonereaper parts to convert the wonderful Blackstone Fortress navigator into a creepy necromancer! It is amazing how such small modifications can change the character of a model.

Toki.paints decided to create an enigmatic Ancient One, some sort of Necron/Eldar hybrid that was inspired by the Engineers from the Aliens franchise. The Orpheon Katakros is a fantastic model, and it is great to see it start to work its way into conversions!

Vanilinfuture created three separate models for the challenge, including this unsettling Corpse Guild model, Yoshimitsu. It looks to be created from a large assortment of pieces, including Adeptus Mechanicus and Sylvaneth parts!

Vanilinfuture also used the Gothizzar Harvester model to create lumbering flesh-construct to defend the Corpse Guild.

Vanilinfuture's final creation for the challenge is this Corpse Guild Harvester, an unsightly amalgamation of metal, bone and flesh.

Orpheon Katakros was used in another conversion done by _catharthegreat! It is converted to serve as a Swarmlord in a hybrid Tyranid/Genestealer cultist army! He has an awesome staff that fuses elements of Mechanicum into the model, making it especially striking.

We are extremely humbled by the amount and quality of all of the entries into our Ossiarch Bonereaper Challenge. When starting it, we were hoping that a few people would try to make something, but at the time of writing this, over 15 people have joined it, creating over 25 models! We are extremely excited to see all of these models finished, and any more that might be created. Furthermore, anyone reading this can still participate in the challenge! Just send pictures to our email address or post them on Instagram and tag them with #bonereaperchallenge!

- Adam, Eric, Greg Wier


  1. Great stuff, some really good imagination and creativity on display. I would have liked to try something but a combination of moving house and not being able to find any bonereapers on ebay for a reasonable price sort of stopped me. I'm enjoying everyone else's work though ;)

    1. Thanks for the comment! It really has been fun seeing what people create! If there were not a pandemic, we could send you one :/

  2. My oh my, what an incredible turnout! It's hard to name favourites with a collection of this quality, but LarsonicMiniatures' Haemonculus is very dear to my heart, indeed! As is Waaaghbert's Faarseer. The Wraithbone-augmented xenologist retinue is also such a cool concept that definitely deserves more exploration -- oh, and seeing dear old Yoshimitsu again was such an unexpected delight -- "Namu, namu, namu... Namu!" ;)

    Guys, thanks a lot for running this fantastic challenge (and, of course, for providing me with that Mortek Guard model to kick things off)! This has been a real breath of fresh air! And fantastic work, everyone!