Saturday, February 5, 2022

Left at the Bottom of the Garden: Hoodie Crows

A pair of delightful hoodie crows!

Last month, I painted Deirdre, a small ghost model, created by Andrew Rae of Statuesque Miniatures. It was a fun process, and it encouraged me to consider painting some of his other creations like Left at the Bottom of the Garden, a series of lost and abandoned toys. I settled on painting a pair of adorable stuffed birds, the Hoodie Crows!

A stately hoodie crow!

To imply feathers, I painted a regular texture on the wings of the crows. These feathers were painted using Scalecolor Graphene, followed by a few successive highlights using a mix of Scalecolor Graphene and Rainy Gray.

I had a lot of fun painting the branch this crow is perched upon, using some enamels and glazing to impart subtle color, like areas of green and russet.

A pair of hoodie crows accompany the ghost Deirdre.

- Adam Wier


  1. Nice work, particularly that wood color.

    1. Wood is an interesting thing to paint. You can get in a lot of colors other than brown when painting wood.

  2. Thank you! They were a joy to paint!