Monday, January 31, 2022

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 91: Mental health and miniature wargaming

Gretchin, better known as Greenstuff Gretchin, joins us to speak about the incredibly important topic of mental health. Mental health is something that affects everyone, but is not often discussed openly, despite how it can envelope our lives. In the episode, we talk about how mental health impacts everyones’ personal hobby journeys, both positively and negatively. We touch on how it can be difficult to acknowledge if you are struggling and to find the appropriate help, and how support can sometimes be lacking or out of reach when you do seek it. Finally, we talk about how supportive the hobby community is, and encourage people to reach out to ourselves and others if they need support.
Listen to Heath Aldrich (Hobby Time in the Murder Basement) talk with others about mental health.

Listen to the episode:

- Eric Wier


  1. Good episode (as usual). Interesting, though I note that you didn't really address the fact that the very act of engaging in the hobby can bring relief from mental health issues (though those issues can make it hard to be motivated to do the hobby activity in the first place). I personally find that, working in a busy and stressful job, and being a parent, taking some time to do hobby is a good way to relax and unwind IF you can get into the right headspace to do that.

    I think talking about these things is good, and it can only help others to also start talking about their issues and getting help (if needed). So I welcome the bravery of putting your own experiences out there.

    However, there is still real stigma involved in mental health, despite the efforts of most societies, and the simple fact is that even if the other stigma is removed there will still be effects like loss of certain employment opportunities and inability to obtain certain forms of life-insurance to name 2.

    As for creating a support may be enough to simply be there and available to talk to people who need to reach out? Obviously if you can do more that's great, but just being available and willing may be enough.

    1. Also...still thinking about this episode...surely the discussion here is calling out for a future collaboration? A miniature sculpted by Greenstuff Gretchin and painted by Adam perhaps?!

    2. Yeah, just having a hobby you enjoy can be a good relief, with is a great thing! It is a real shame that mental health stuff still has so much of a stigma, and relevant healthcare can be so hard to find.

      I do think just being available to talk is a good step; hopefully we can do more in the future though too.

      It would be fantastic to do a collaboration with Gretchin!