Monday, December 7, 2020

Left at the Bottom of the Garden: Toy Robin

The robin from Left at the Bottom of the Garden next to our Inq28 owl Bronwen.

We have long been fans of Andrew Rae and his creations on Statuesque Miniatures, initially due to his range of female heads for scale models. So when he began creating a series of miniatures representing an eclectic group of lost and abandoned toys with Left at the Bottom of the Garden, we couldn’t help but be excited. He has now had two successful Kickstarter campaigns expanding the line, both filled with many delightful models. In this post we wanted to showcase our favorite model from the second Kickstarter, a toy robin!

Andrew really did a great job of distilling the most important aspects of each model in the series. They are very simple models, but have a lot of character and are instantly recognizable, allowing you to experiment with painting different textures.

For the black on the model, I used a series of grey paints to try and mimic the texture of feathers. Similarly on the feet, I painted a banding pattern to add extra detail and visual interest.

The model has a wonderful little base complete with some rocks and a few delightful mushrooms!

The robin in between a Chaos Blocker (Blood Bowl) and an Iron Snake Space Marine (Warhammer 40,000).

It was great to have finally gotten to paint one of the Left at the Bottom of the Garden models! Its size and simple shapes made it a quite quick and fun process. I hope to get the opportunity to paint more of them soon, and would highly recommend anyone to get some of the models from Statuesque Miniatures!

- Adam Wier



  1. That is the best name for a kickstarter I've seen! Excellent blends on the paintjob Adam. I'm going to have to take a look at Statuesque.

  2. Excellent - I really want to pick these up at some point.