Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 80: Reflections on 2020

Our favorite GW model of 2020!

In a special extended episode, we celebrate a turbulent, but productive 2020 with guests, Voxmorbus, Red Wet Skeleton, K0rdhal, and Modern Synthesist! First, each of us look back on our favorite personal hobby projects of the year. Then we transition into discussing Games Workshop’s releases during 2020 and pick out some of our favorites. We close out the episode by setting some hobby goals for 2021! Finally, we end by asking a question pertaining to Between the Bolter and Me, and encourage people to email/ message us via Instagram the answer for a chance to win one of two Guardian Spindle Drones from Blackstone Fortress.

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- Eric Wier

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  1. Hi guys, finally listened to this episode (last week actually). Enjoyed it as usual and there were some interesting observations made. Hopefully I will be organised to get involved in some live streams this year, but given the time difference I'm not sure. We'll see!