Monday, December 14, 2020

Blitz Bowl: Halfling Linemen

The Bodimore Byakhees are getting ready to take the field!

Earlier this year we started playing Blitz Bowl, and I created a Halfling team called the Bodimore Byakhees. I finalized a paint scheme for the team by painting the team’s strongest player, the Hefty. Having worked out the scheme, I set about painting a few more of the team members, something that proved to be relatively quick (for me, at least), due to their small size. Having finished two of the team’s linemen, half the team is finished, so I thought it would be a good time to show off the models!

Many of the halfling players have various pots as makeshift helmets, which I painted using a series of the excellent Vallejo Metal Color airbrush colors.

The base was covered in a layer of Army Painter Battlefield Field Grass static grass.

The purple was painted by glazing Scale 75 Violet over zenithal priming.

I used the decals that were included with the Halfling team, applying them with Tamyia Mark Fit, and using a little brown enamel to discolor the white a little.

The first half of the Bodimore Byakhees for Blitz Bowl!

With three of the team members finished, I only have three more models to paint, and I will have a complete team! If things go well, I should be able to finish them by early 2021. After that, I might attempt to paint six more, to have a full lineup for the recently released Season 2 of Blood Bowl… So many possibilities!

- Eric Wier

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