Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Mordheim 2019: Sister Superior 2

Only in death does duty end.

Although I recently finished converting a Sister Superior for the Sisters of Sigmar warband, I knew that I needed more, so I set about converting another. In my warband for the Pilgrym event, I converted a series of characters using old classic models. It was fun way to try to reimagine the models for a more modern look. I decided I should do the same for my Mordheim 2019 warband, using one of the old metal Sisters of Sigmar models. Looking over the small range, I selected the old Matriarch model, due to her older looking physiognomy and stouter frame, and started the conversion!

One of the old metal Sisters of Sigmar was used as the base for this Sister Superior model.

Unlike the other models I have converted in the warband, which I attempted to distance a much as possible from the original source models, I wanted this one to retain many elements from the original to celebrate its heritage. The main element I wanted to change was the ostentatious and impractical boob-plate. I carved most of it away and used green stuff to resculpt a more practical one, maintaining the iconic belly-plate emblazoned with the twin-tailed comet. I also sculpted robes to cover her exposed leg. This seemed more practical, and also allowed me to make the model taller, replacing her feet. I used the pointed armored feet from the plastic version of Karl Franz. Her armored hand also came from Karl Franz, while the other glove came from the Black Ark Fleetmaster.

Milliput was used to expend her shield; it dries harder than green stuff, allowing it to be sanded smooth.

Like the other members of the warband, I spent considerable effort crafting a smaller warhammer for her. I used brass tubing to create the haft, and a piece of sprue to carve a hammer head. I used green stuff to create a cloth grip on the haft, and added a twin-tailed comet emblem on the hammer head. I extended the shield the original model came with, using Milliput rather than green stuff, because it hardens harder, allowing sanding.

I wanted to add detail to the back of her shield, an area that is often ignored on models.

The final aspect of the model I wanted to modify was her face. The original model is unique among most GW models because her face is not razor thin and young. I wanted to build on this and make her look even older, as though the long years in Mordheim have not been kind. I used green stuff to add folds and wrinkles. I still have a lot to learn about sculpting faces, but I am happy with how this turned out, and think it adds to the character.

With this Sister Superior complete, I have a total of five models converted for the Sisters of Sigmar. While I would like to add a few more regular Sisters to the warband, the next major hurdle I need to tackle is converting the Matriarch to lead them. I hope you like this Sister Superior; any comments or thoughts would be appreciated!

- Adam Wier


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! When I get her painted I hope she will look even better!

  2. This is again a very nice addition to your warband and she is a nice variety to the other models so far. Each sister appears clearly with her own character. Great!

    Your green stuff skills are stunning and I really love the details you've add to the back of her shield. These are the little things, which enhanche your models even more and, like you said, it's fun to discover all these details on a model!

    Amazing work mate!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I have tried my best to make each one distinct and interesting. I am glad you like all the little details. :)

  3. This is a great refresh of the classic model, and as it hews most closely to the original design, I can appreciate the risk you took in trying to incorporate it into your warband. Fortunately, I think it is a complete success!

    1. I am glad you think the model was a success! I was initially pretty worried about the conversion. The proportions on the older metal Sisters is really different. I think in the end she fits right in with the rest and adds some variation to the warband.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! Hopefully by the end of the month I will have the leader of the warband finished!