Thursday, April 4, 2019

Dragged into Turbolasers Episode 57: Carrion Pass

Heist in the Ash Wastes

James Ward (Wardsylvania on Instagram), mastermind of the Carrion Pass Inq28 event that took place at Adepticon 2019, joins us to talk about the event and other aspects of the miniature hobby. We discuss getting involved in the Inq28 community, from hosting collaborative events to building models and sharing them via social media!

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- Eric Wier

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  1. Gentlemen, I was overseas and only just got around to listening to this. Great episode as usual, it was interesting to hear the insights of someone who took a custom game/scenario to a public convention. I understand the issue of time constraints as well as any other procrastinating time poor hobbyist but it was surprising it wasn't playtested even once first...I guess that was a learning experience for the GM though! Anyway, the effect of listening to this has really made me want to play some Gorkamorka (as if I don't have enough to do already!!) so it obviously must have been quite inspiring to the subconscious. Great episode as usual anyway.