Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Pilgrym: Kirill Blokhin finished!

The Red Hour is nigh.  The Church assembles.

Today I wanted to share the completed versions of Kirill Blokhin, the Church’s Acirgeon!

Before the adoption of more medically rigorous techniques, the Church of the Red Athenæum had one person, the Acirgeon, who ritually removed limbs from all of the members of the congregation. Kirill Blokhin is the Church’s current Acirgeon, but his role is largely just for appearances, as his rudimentary means of amputation have given way to medically sound practices championed by Cardinal Aseneth Levedescu. The coming of the Pilgrym and the hallowed Red Hour have filled Kirill with a new inspiration. He will be the one to sacrifice the Pilgrym, freeing the Emperor from the shackles of the Golden Throne and allowing Him to exercise His Divine Will.

I wanted to give Blokhin simple spartan clothing, with the only hint of grandeur being his unsettling golden mask and red vest.  

The Emperor Protects.  The Emperor Provides.

A common axiom in the Imperium of Man.  Simple words, but words he firmly believed.  And the Emperor was providing for him now, providing for good ol’ Kirill.  Protecting him even, if you thought about it.  Yes, protecting his soul and giving him purpose.  


After years of an increasingly purposeless existence, simply going through the motions, attending the masses, abiding the bloodletting, and offering up pieces of himself in sacrifice, it was going to change.  But even if this fortune had not befallen him, he would have continued to do all of those things willingly.  Of course he would have, the Emperor Expects, doesn’t He?  Of course He does. Of course.  

But yes, it was different now.  He had been chosen.  Well, not chosen perhaps.  It was a lottery, and he drew the short straw…  

No, chosen Was the right word, Throne take anyone who said otherwise.  The Martyr. Upright.  It meant Sacrifice. Duty.  But also Inner Harmony, the crone had assured him.  

Yes, the Emperor had chosen him.  Chosen him to take up the Black Mantle. Chosen him to spill His faithfuls’ blood.  The Pilgrym.  

He felt for his axe, and found it at his side, reassuring.  Running a finger along its edge, and drawing blood.  It gave him clarity of mind.  

Chosen. The Emperor Expects.  The Red Hour approacheth.

Chosen as the Arch-Heretic for the approaching Red Hour, Blokhin was bestowed with an ancient, hateful powerglove, The Mournival.

It is not long left now, but still two more models to finish painting!  With a little luck, they will appear on this blog soon.  Until then!

- Adam


  1. Nice. The highlighting on the leathers and browns look spot on. Brilliantly executed.

    I'm struggling to identify the bits used. I'm thinking there is done renegades, maybe Elf for the head...? Its built so well though that it looks so natural as a combination.

    1. Thanks, I was really happy with how the browns turned out. As for the conversion, I always try to make it difficult to tell where stuff came from. I do not want it to be a simple kitbash, but a complete re-envisioning of the components. For this conversion, the legs came from an Elysian droptrooper, the body a Cadian tank commander. I found the “mask” from a Dark Elf Doomfire Warlock, which I recessed into a Bretonnian hooded head, and used some green stuff to sculpt the frown on the mask. Surprisingly, the micro-uzi came from the end of a Skitarii Galvanic rifle, that was heavily modified.

  2. Fantastic though if I could add one thing it would be checkers on the hood to discern the hood from the mask and frame the mask in better. It could probably be checkers on the mask instead but I think the hood is a better choice.

    1. I was seriously considering adding some checkers too the hood, he he. Great minds think alike! Time permitting, I will try to go back and add some!