Friday, July 22, 2016

The Pilgrym: Roland Arnesen Missionary of Church of the Red Athenaeum

Roland Arnesen and his vox-owl companion Bronwen.

Although I find it difficult to believe, after 6 months of tireless work, our warband for the Pilgrym Project is finished!  The very last model is finally painted, Roland Arnesen, missionary of the Church and sleeper agent of the Ordo Machinum.  He was the first model I built way back in January, and I am thrilled to finally have paint on him!  I hope you like him; he did quite well in the actual event, something we will detail in a future post, so check back soon!

His tabard allowed me to add some additional color to the model, particularly in the yellow lightning bolt .

Special attention was taken when painting his two scroll tubes a jade marble color.

Roland’s tabard holds special meaning; the top and bottom are both representations of the Emperor.  The bottom, the Imperial Eagle surrounded by a halo representing the Emperor when he walked among humanity, the Imperial Truth and Astronomicon lighting the way.  The top, the Emperor’s broken body maintained by the unknowable machine that is the Golden Throne.  Both are connected by death and sacrifice, hence the skulls joining them together.  The lightning bolt is a representation of how being entombed in the throne ended His glorious reign.  The design holds even deeper meaning to Roland, as he has also suffered at the hands of betrayers, and is kept alive by the aegis of arcane technology.

Roland's submachine gun looks suspiciously like a Thompson, and his sidearm a Glock!

Some of you following the progress of Roland may remember that I was considering adding a shrine to his back displaying his damaged skull. Before leaving for England, I had been working on creating such a shrine that could be added or removed from the model but was unable to finish it. Now that the event has concluded I plan to finish sculpting and painting the shrine.  With the events of the Pilgrym game there may also be a narrative reason for him to display the skull…

Roland suspending his pieced together skull above headless body.

The entire Pilgrym group!  The largest single collection of models I have painted in over 10 years!

Let me know what you think of the model, and his companion vox-owl Bronwen!

- Adam


  1. These came up so well mate. I'm looking forward to the encounter write up from you and the others.

    1. Thanks! We are soon going to be back Stateside, and will start to write up a report of the event and some narrative elements!

  2. Even though it's still a batrep and conclusion to come for the Pilgrym project it's in many ways a pity it's all over. Have you landed enough to think of the next project or is it still early?

  3. We are soon going to be back in the States, where we can focus on writing up the last elements of the Pilgrym project. And while it is somewhat of a shame things are over, I think it is largely just the beginning of exploring the different warbands involved in the project. We certainly want to keep expanding the Church, and based on how the Pilgrym game ended, there are clear leads to how the story will continue, so hopefully there will be another event sometime in the future!

  4. Excellent work on this guy, and on the whole crew, although I am sad that the project has ended (at least this first phase).

    The highlight on the grey furniture of the gun is a bit strong (in magnification, it may look fine on the tabletop). Maybe a wash to tone it down a smidge?

  5. Replies
    1. The rules for Roland and the rest of the Church are here:

      The rules for the entire Pilgrym event were modified Necromunda rules. The game was not very rules focussed, just rolling dice where we had too.