Sunday, March 22, 2015

Iron Sleet Invitational: Naval officer Nils Fernow

These dying days.
March is rapidly approaching an end, and that means Iron Sleet’s first Invitational is coming to an end! I am excited to say that one more of my models for the entry is complete: Nils Fernow, First Security Officer of the Saudor 23rd Imperial Navy, affectionately know as the “Voidstalkers.” I was a bit concerned that Nils would take significantly more time to paint then the pragmatic Anton Soljic, due to the increased complexity of the model (all the different layers of clothing…). Fortunately, that did not really seem to be the case, and I as I began painting the model came together quite nicely. Like Inquisitor Soljic, Nils is painted in dull earthy colors (though it is a little tricky to tell due to the greyscale images). Based on suggestions here, and from the Ammobunker, I decided to add an accent color to the inside of his cloak, as well as paint an =][= on one the the clasps holding it in place.  My excitement having finished Fernow was great enough that I knew I needed to put up some pictures to share with everyone, even if they are sepia toned for the time being, before they are finally revealed in April.

I was pleased at how well I was able to accent the details of his custom pistol.
I really think making the inside of the cloak a different color adds to Nils' dramatic presence.
I was conflicted with using the hat throughout the building process, but with paint on it, I think it really unifies the model.
Only Lucanus Molnár to go!

-Adam Wier


  1. I love this model - he has a very understated danger about him.

    Your custom gun work here, and on Molnar, is fantastic. I'm always interested in seeing how others do custom work, especially on a piece that's so small yet so detailed - would you consider doing a write up on how you approach building a custom weapon?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Great idea about making a tutorial or walk-through how I go about making custom firearms for models. Once I am done with the Invitational, I will start planning something out and try and make such a write-up (and hopefully make some push-molds too).

      Thanks again for the interest!

  2. Yeah I want to second Odie on his commen so +1 on everything he said. Better yet, together the timing of their movement is so good. Like wth are they reacting to is my immediate thought. So Adam what are they reacting to? :D

    1. Thanks for the comment! I am certainly going to work on making a little tutorial about making custom pistols.

      Who knows what Soljic and Nils are reacting too... Maybe another Inquisitor... ;)