Sunday, April 12, 2015

Iron Sleet Invitation: For the Emperor's Soul

Everything you have been told is a lie!
I find it hard to believe, but after the most intense two hobbying months of my life, the first Iron Sleet Invitational is complete! To corroborate this, my entry and a host of fantastic entries are displayed in all their glory on Iron Sleet’s website, including an evocative entry by none other than John Blanche himself! For me, the whole process was a great learning experience, particularly encouraging me to pick up a paint brush after many long years of absence, as well as to try some more ambitious green stuff work.  It also got me to revisit Inq28, which I had been meaning to do for many months.  Now, with the two inquisitors done, I can start to explore some of the more eccentric members of their retinues (the new Adeptus Mechanicus models will work wonderfully for Molnar’s crew)!  To round out all of our Invitational posts, I figured that I would do one last entry focusing on the completed Molnár, and to show some pictures of the three models together.

=] Lucanus Molnár [=
Inquisitor (Ordo Machinum)

It was exciting to explore one of the lesser know Ordos of the Inquisition (and create non-Astarte power armor!).

For the final model of the Invitational, I wanted to go in the opposite direction of the first inquisitor. I wanted him to be less cautious about his identity as an inquisitor. Instead of wearing run-of-the-mill fatigues and an overcoat, he would be wearing a custom suit of power armor.  Despite a more brazen appearance, I still wanted to ensure that the model had a reserved quality, giving no indication towards his placement along the thin line of radicalism.

After so many years of not painting, it was fun to revisit my favorite color to work with, red!

My main concern with the model was distancing him from a Space Marine.  I did this by removing the characteristic backpack and shoulder pads of an Astartes’ power armor. I also made his leg and arm armor much thinner than normal power armor, giving the model more finesse rather than simply brute force.

I really had fun creating and painting the bases for all of the Invitational models; I was particularly happy with how the oil stain came out on Molnár’s base. 

When it came to painting Inquisitor Molnár, I had many ideas swirling around in my head about potential color schemes. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to experiment with the color red. Additionally, with Molnár’s close association with the Adeptus Mechanicus, a deep red color seemed a natural fit. Years ago it had been one of my favorite colors to paint. My only Golden Daemon award, a bronze in the Open Category, made heavy use of Vallejo reds (A Norse Blood Bowl model). Fortunately, after rummaging around through all of my old hobby supplies I found all those old Vallejo paints (Black Red, Burnt Cadmium Red, Dark Red). With my old Vallejo paints in hand, I went about mixing and blending the colors together to create a subtle transition of color on Molnár’s armor.

The subtle sense of motion in each of the models in the vignette is more evident when viewed from above. 

There are still several small details that I have not finished on Molnár’s paintjob. I want to do some freehand work on his left shoulder guard, but am currently unsure what should go there (maybe a personal crest or emblem). Additionally, I am unsure of what to do with the blank screens on his armored bracers (simple text?, an =I= to represent a kind of screensaver while not in use?). Finally, his armor might benefit with some form of battle damage and scarring. The exhaust system of his powerpack could also be scorched and blackened. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome (I also need to go back and paint an =I= on Soljic)!

I have to admit, it is hard for me to believe that all three of these models are done and the scene I envisioned months ago is a reality! 

Even though the Invitational is over, I feel it is only the beginning of me exploring these two inquisitors.  Soljic already has a few other compatriots, a few converted Scions that I featured here a few months back, so I think I am going to focus on Molnár’s associates. I can’t really think of a better time for it, seeing that GW just released a bunch of fantastic Skitarii models, perfect to begin exploring the shadowed depths of the Mechanicum.

-Adam Wier


  1. The group is a fantastic achievement -- and even better when one considers that you've returned to painting miniatures with these guys! Molnar is an especially big triumph and easily one of the best power-armoured Inquisitor models around. Absolutely brilliant!

    As has been remarked elsewhere, the dynamic between the pieces is really excellent as well -- fantastic work all around!

    I know I sound like a broken record, but if you do indeed go back to Soljic in order to add an =][= or two, might I suggest painting the lining of his coat in dark red after all -- it looks great on the Naval Officer, and it would make the model a bit less bland while not resulting in something overly ostentatious or garish.

    Oh, and an =][= screensaver on Molnar's gauntlet sounds like a teriffic idea!

    Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Thanks for all the kind words and all the suggestions along the way! It has been a long process, but worth it in the end I think.

      I plan to go back and add the =I= to Soljic soon, and perhaps change the inside of the coat, I do like how Nil’s cloak turned out. I also want to go and make the screen’s on Molnar look like screens. All small details, but I feel they will really strengthen them as a whole.

  2. I've pretty much said my piece on these and I don't have anything new to say besides I'm very happy and looking forward on the development of Molnars crew :)

    1. Thanks for all your support; I am glad you like the models! It is great to be converting again and working on other models, after spending so much time on these three, he he. I have been having a lot of fun playing around with some of the new Mechanicum models, and hope to show some here soon.

  3. It's great to see another fellow hobbyist return to painting after so many years. The trio is excellent and Molnár is one of the best takes on the power armoured Inquisitor archetype that I've seen.

    Some criticism however. I think the armour is a bit flat, I think you shouldn't be afraid to bring the highlights up to almost white, even pure white. Study for example JRN's Scion trooper or his DC marines.

    /Nicklas (apoteos on the ammobunker)

    1. Thanks for the comments, I am very pleased with how the power armor turned out, looking distinctly different from standard Space Marine suits.

      Thanks for the constructive criticism about the red. The red was an experiment where I was starting from almost black and transitioning into red (with the hope of achieving a dark brooding red). There are a total of 8 highlights on the armor, ending in a bright red edge highlight. Some of the transitions don’t come across super well in the pictures. I had considered going even brighter with the highlights but was afraid I would make his armor look pink. Next time I paint red I will try and have some more extreme highlights at the end (and maybe not start with so dark a black as the base color). :)

  4. Absolutely love the inquisitor. Welcome back to painting with a bang :)

    1. Thanks! It is good to be back painting again. It had been far too long! :)